Wednesday, June 28, 2017


Demand UN Stops Giving Platform for Terror; CLICK HERE for Latest Israel News!
United with IsraelBoycotting Israel is Legal in UK; Israel Tells UN to Defend Truth about Hebron; NY Mayor Praises Israel, Blasts BDS, Vows to Protect Jews 
Iran Uses Star of David as Target for Missile Practice
ACT FOR ISRAEL! Demand that UN Stops Giving Platform to Pro-Terror Organizations
Israel Attacks Syrian Position in Golan Heights in Response to Rocket Fire

Boycotting Israel is Legal, UK High Court Rules 
Israel to UN: Defend the Truth About Hebron! 
Syrian Opposition Leader: Real Enemy is Iran, Not Israel 
New York Mayor Blasts BDS, Praises Israel, Vows to Defend Jews 
Israeli Knesset Speaker, Former Soviet Prisoner Addresses Russian Parliament in Hebrew 
WATCH: How Trump Should Respond if Assad Uses Chemical Weapons 
ISIS Bomber Mistakenly Kills 12 Terrorists 
Obama’s Cyber Security Adviser: Russia Did not Decide US Election 
Iranian Leaders Call for Muslim Unity in ‘Fight Against Zionist Regime’ 
Research Shows Use of Plant Dyes on Textiles in Ancient Israel 
WATCH: How Did Israel Become a Global Cyber Defense Leader? 
Israeli Startup CardiacSense Develops Smartwatch Heart Monitor 
Facts Show: Gaza’s Humanitarian Crisis is Fake News, Professor Says
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