Wednesday, June 28, 2017


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Julius Caesar Protest “Assassination Porn”: Shut it Down

The action this night was outside the theatre. Protesting the assassination porn while a counter protest, by a few UWS lefties, supported the violence.

Halal Slaughter on the Terrace

Remember, kuffar, love they neighbor.

Antifa fascists now calling for MURDER of white children

Typical of the left, “Antifa,” ironically enough, stands for anti-fascist. But their violence and thuggery define fascism.

Note to Washington Post: Thomas Jefferson Declared WAR on Muslim States, He Didn’t Cook Iftar Dinners For Them

The Washington Post isn't just twisting history, they are turning inside out, and completely inverting reality. The idea that President Thomas Jefferson held an Iftar dinner is so absurd, so insane, it could only be advanced by dissemblers secure in the knowledge that their readers know nothing of American history. Thomas Jefferson conducted the first of two foreign wars with the Muslim countries in North Africa. He was hardly cooking Iftar dinners.

VIDEO: Islamic State (ISIS) sex slave was tricked into EATING HER OWN BABY

Too ghastly for words, all in the cause of Islam, all with the imprimatur of the Hadith and Quran.

Jew-haters march: Al Quds Day march in front of the U.S Consulate in Toronto

The Jew haters went on a March in Toronto. The pro-Israel counter protesters were waiting for them at the U.S consulate. Meir Weinstein did a great job with the counter protest. UJA lied about participating in the counter protests.

London Bridge jihadi is Muslim migrant who LIED ABOUT HIS AGE AND NAME to enter UK

The UK government lets this vicious devout savage in, but Theresa May bans me for my opposition to jihad terror. Of course they are doomed. Trump is right. Back the ban.

WATCH: Islamic State HORROR video shows Muslim kids executing prisoners

Your children will face these children. Our response? Disarm our children as to the threat. "Religion of 'peace'" is part of their syllabus.

Car-fire jihad comes to Oslo

As one major European city after another gives way to the invader, one measure of how far along the conquest has advanced is the frequency of car-burnings.

ISIS issues graphic and extremely hateful threat to wage jihad in the Balkans

In the latest issue, on the pages of its magazine Rumiyah, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) has just issued a graphic and extremely hateful threat to revisit the Balkans.

FBI Collaborated With Dem Opposition Research Firm to Smear Trump: Report

The Senate Judiciary Committee is trying to get to the bottom of a dossier that painted President Donald Trump in a negative light -- and some of the threads lead back to the FBI.

ACTION ALERT: Prince William MEGA MOSQUE debate tonight 6PM, James J. McCourt Building

A hearing on yet another mega-mosque project in America is scheduled for tonight in Prince William County, Virginia for 6 p.m. at the James J. McCourt Building, 1 County Complex Ct, Woodbridge, VA 22192. GO.
Nokesville is all farm land and houses. The population as of 2016 and 2017 is a total of 1354 residents. So where are all the Muslims coming from who will be filling that 22,500+ square foot mosque? A 22,500 square feet fortress for a hundred Muslims? Nokesville is just south of Manassas, VA, where there are already three mosques, more than enough to accommodate all the Muslims who live in Prince William County.

Canada: Muslima mall attacker who pledged allegiance to ISIS: ‘I meant to harm those people’ ‘I only believe in Islamic Sharia law’

They tell us, the elites deny.
The enemy is quite clear in their motive and objective, and we say that's not what they mean.

Egyptian police FOIL devout Muslims’ plot to bomb church

Egyptian police said on Saturday they foiled a church bombing by arresting a cell including the would-be attackers, two months after suicide bombers killed dozens of church goers in two attacks.

British Community College in headscarf battle: Muslims say new ‘swimming cap’ style veil is ‘not modest enough’

Cultural jihad continues. Once again, accommodation to Islamic demands gives way to more Islamic demands.

Trump Slammed by U.N. for Undermining Civil Liberties of ISIS Jihadists

The United Nations is worried President Donald Trump might ding the civil rights of ISIS jihadists.

Bungee Jump Death Raises Questions About Foreigners’ ‘Incorrect’ English

A 17-year-old girl died during a bungee jump because her instructor, who came from another country, failed to properly speak English and gave faulty directives.

“Moderate” Indonesia: ISIS jihadis screaming “Allahu akbar” stab police officer to death

Two alleged Islamic State group militants stabbed a police officer to death in western Indonesia, authorities said Sunday, in the latest assault targeting officials in the world's most populous Muslim country.

Malaysian university professor finances ISIS, killed waging jihad in Philippines

A former Malaysian university professor, described by the military as the financier of Daesh-linked terrorists who besieged Marawi City exactly a month ago on Friday, died from wounds he sustained during heavy fighting with government forces, a top military official revealed.

Project Veritas Strikes: CNN Producer Caught Calling Russia-Trump ‘Bulls–‘

A senior CNN producer was just caught on Project Veritas camera telling the undercover journalist the whole Russia-Trump collusion-obstruction investigation was indeed a witch hunt.

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