Friday, June 23, 2017


Stop UN from Declaring Hebron Palestinian Heritage Site! CLICK for Latest Israel News
United with IsraelTrump's Son-in-law has ‘Planets Aligned' for Peace; Why a Jewish Wonder Woman Gives Hope; Israel Gives Gift of Hearing to Deaf Palestinians; Sing Israel or Don't Sing at All! 
Abbas Blasts 'Racist' Netanyahu Rhetoric for Calling Jailed Terrorists ‘Terrorists’
Abbas ‘Greatly Disappointed’ by Meeting with US Officials, Insists on Funding Terror
WATCH: What Do People Know About the ‘Occupation’? You’ll be Shocked!
ACT NOW! Stop UNESCO from Declaring Hebron a Palestinian World Heritage Site 
WATCH: Trump's Son-in-law has ‘Planets Aligned’ for Mideast Peace 
Palestinians Abuse Goodwill of Red Cross to Fund Terror 
Tim Rice: Either Sing ‘Israel’ in My Songs, or Don’t Sing Them at All 
WATCH: Being An Ally of Israel Has Great Benefits, Canadian Minister Says 
Israel and Cyprus Sign Pact to Promote Kidney Transplants 
WATCH: Israel Gives the Gift of Hearing to Deaf Palestinian Children 
Why a Jewish Wonder Woman Gives Hope 
Living Torah: Your Success Depends Only on You! 
WATCH: Who Qualifies for Jewish Leadership? 
UN Criticized for Focusing Biased Sanctions Solely on Israel 
WATCH: Yale Archaeologists Uncover Oldest Egyptian Hieroglyphs 
Iran Displays Missiles at Parade Demanding ‘Death to Israel’ 
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