Friday, June 23, 2017


Democrat calls Nancy Pelosi “Toxic,” Meanwhile Pelosi Sings Her Own Praises

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Shock Revelation: DNC says the FBI “Never Contacted” them about Servers after Hack

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Court Dismisses Spurious Charges Against Planned Parenthood Investigators

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Keeping Obamacare? Senate Conservatives aren’t Happy with the Senate Healthcare Bill 
Only Trump can Solve the Susan Rice “Unmasking” Conundrum 
Senator Tom Cotton Rips the NY Times for Latest Lies 
Nancy Pelosi Invokes God to Defend the Murder of Children 
Famous Illegal Immigrant Continues Illegally Working for Major Media Corporations, Government Does Nothing 
Shock News: State Department Investigating Hillary Clinton for Mishandling Classified Intel 
What is a “Hero”? 
Media Aghast as Republicans Win Again 
Chick Fil A and Cracker Barrel Take Top Spots In Foodservice Survey 
Even Michael Moore Realizes That The Democratic Party is Dead 

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German EU Official Wants “Entire Syrian Villages” Relocated to Deutschland 
Oregon Succumbs To Leftist Lunacy, Adding Third Gender to Drivers License 
Amid North Korean Threats, Missile Intercept Test Fails Near Hawaii 
RI Looks to Split Ticket Revenue With Traffic Infraction Surveillance Company 
Christian High School Student Defies Administration to Praise Jesus 
News You Can Use for June 22, 2017 
Hillary’s Emails Come Back to Haunt Democratic Diva with New Investigation 
Yellowstone Suffers HUNDRED of Earthquakes This Week, Stoking Volcano Fears 
Democratic Implosion Continues As DNC Fundraising Hits 14 Year Low 
South Korea Cries “Grave Provocation” in Case of North Korean Drone 
North Korea Continues Push For Conflict, Activity At Nuke Sites Spotted 
Terror Strikes Michigan Airport: “Allahu Akbar” Heard As Policeman Stabbed 
Liberal Feminist Camille Paglia says the Democrat Party has Destroyed Journalism! 
Despite Media Prophecies of Doom – GOP just Keeps Winning! 
Ted Cruz: Voters Don’t Care about Russia! 

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