Tuesday, June 13, 2017


Palestinian Refugee Reveals the Truth; CLICK HERE for Latest Israel News!
United with IsraelPalestinian Boycott of Wonder Woman Exposes 'Weakness'; Personal Story of Liberating the Old City of Jerusalem; US Exposes Hezbollah Plot to Attack US and Israeli Targets 
Hamas Threatens ‘Explosion’ Over Reduced Energy Supply
SHOCKER: US Taxpayers Fund Anti-Semitic Hatefest on Capitol Hill Slamming ‘Jews’ and ‘Jewish State’
WATCH: Liberating the Old City of Jerusalem – A Personal Story

Palestinian Boycott of ‘Wonder Woman’ Exposes ‘Weakness and Fear,’ Says IDF Official  
US Exposes Hezbollah Plot to Attack US and Israeli Targets, Arrests 2 
WATCH: A Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Speaks Up, Reveals the Truth 
Why Won’t Abbas Accept ‘Two States for Two Peoples’? 
Israel Considers Closing Al Jazeera Bureau in Jerusalem 
Celebrity Courtney Love Blasts ‘Antisemitic’ Linda Sarsour 
WATCH: Global Unity Day Empowers Worldwide Jewish Community 
Israeli Researchers Make Progress in Preventing Blindness 
Family of Terror Victim Uses Damages Paid by Iran to Save Lives 
OPINION: Trump Sends Wrong Message to the Palestinians 
WATCH: Disabled Boy Gets His Wish to Help Save Lives 
ADL Chief Duped by Radical Anti-Israel Groups 
Nevada Becomes 21st US State to Pass Anti-BDS Legislation 

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