Tuesday, June 13, 2017


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AFDI/SION 2011 Warnings Unheeded, Up to 80% of Christian Communities Annihilated in Syria, Iraq

At the end of 2011, my organization and our international partners in Europe called upon the United Nations and the international human rights community to act quickly and decisively to save the Christians of Syria, who are being increasingly threatened and victimized by Islamic supremacists. It’s not as if anyone could say that it was not known or that is was unknowable. We knew. Everybody knew.

Pamela Geller on Breitbart Radio: Why Sharia Must Be Stopped

“It is, as Sam Harris said, the motherlode of bad ideas,” she said. “And, of course, it’s been slow in educating the American people because you have this enormous machine, this leftist-Islamic machine that controls much of the information battlespace – if it’s media or culture, movies, entertainment, and even in the coverage of these marches, it was enormously and wildly slanted, which, of course, we’re used to.”

Three American Sons Murdered by a Jihadi: Something Has to Change

Three American Sons were murdered by a jihadi they were ordered to trust and train.

UK: Two Muslim brothers kept their mother and sister as slaves, beat them with belts in “UNIMAGINABLE” campaign of abuse

Two brothers who kept their mother and sister as slaves and forced them to wash in a small bucket of water have been put behind bars for more than two years.
Faisal Hussein, 25, and Arbaaz Ahmed, 19, told their family members they were not allowed to turn on the taps at the property in Bradford, West Yorkshire.

Who Deserves A State: Kurds, Berbers, Tibetans

Let’s keep in mind that the Arabs are the most richly endowed with states -- some 22 in all -- of any people on earth.

Only the Israeli Model Can Save the London Bridge

The main bridges of London were just reinforced with large concrete blocks. The metropolis on the Thames thus becomes acquainted with an Israeli invention in its war against Islamic terrorism.

New York’s Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand Peppers Anti-Trump Speech With F-Bombs

The Democratic Party's Kirsten Gillibrand joins the growing ranks of leftist speakers who just can't keep from dropping the f-bomb in reference to President Donald Trump and conservative policy.

London jihad mass murderer on benefits: Khuram Butt bankrolled by TAXPAYERS

We didn't drop dollars on the Nazis, and we have no hope of winning this war while we pay Islam to kill us.

London Bridge jihad: “The effects could have been EVEN WORSE,” jihadis tried to rent 16,500-pound truck

Commander Dean Haydon, of Scotland Yard’s counter-terrorism command, said: “Concerningly, Butt had earlier attempted to hire a 7.5-tonne lorry that same morning. When he did not provide payment details, the rental did not go ahead. The effects could have been even worse.”

Catholic Bishop Worries Jihad Attacks Will Bring Out ‘Anti-Muslim Sentiment’

A Catholic bishop is worrying that all the Islamic terror attacks in the Philippines will bring out the anti-Muslim element.

French intellectuals accuse authorities of covering up Jewish woman’s slaying by Muslim neighbor to STOP LE PEN SURGE

Many French Jews believe authorities covered up Halimi’s murder to prevent it from becoming fodder for Le Pen’s campaign.

John McCain Says American Leadership Was Better Under Obama

sen. John McCain seriously told an overseas newspaper, The Guardian, that Barack Obama was a better leader than President Donald Trump.

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