Monday, June 5, 2017


Jon Ossoff laid out a plan that would close military bases, including ones that would affect his district. Then when called out he quickly changed course. We can't allow a radical candidate who wants to hurt our military to win in Georgia!  

Georgia Democrat Jon Ossoff is backpedaling after he was called out for a plan that would close military bases. Ossoff thinks that the US needs less soldiers and more EPA members to fight climate change. He called President Trump's withdrawal from the Paris climate deal treasonous.
But Ossoff had less to say about terrorism and the threat from radical Islam. This is the candidate that Democrats call "the next Obama." And he sounds just like him. Ossoff is quick to attack our military and silent when our military is needed to keep us safe!
Jon Ossoff is also silent when it comes to his extremist supporters on the left. Kathy Griffin supported Ossoff and urged her followers to give money and vote for Ossoff. This was before her disgusting controversy last week. 
But Jon Ossoff's campaign won't condemn Kathy Griffin's behavior and claims there's no connection even though her twitter account shows her support of his candidacy.
It is sickening that Ossoff won't condemn his supporters supposed "comedy" - it seems Ossoff doesn't want to abandon the leftist extremists that support Kathy Griffin.

Karen Handel is the conservative candidate who has stood up to liberal bullies. She is an experienced leader who has experience balancing a budget and fighting for the rule of law.
The latest poll shows a dead heat - 49%-48% with Ossoff leading. But the previous poll showed a 7% lead for Ossoff. So the race is closing but it is a toss up and we must do all we can in the final weeks to win.
The differences between the candidates is crystal clear. Ossoff wants to close military bases and supports continuing to give foreign aid to people who hate America. Karen Handel wants to expand the military to keep us safe against the real threat to our nation: radical Islamism. 
Ossoff's campaign likes to say he is a "national security expert." But we did some digging and found that he embarrassed himself and his Congressman. 
When Ossoff was "lead national security staffer" for Congressman Hank Johnson, Ossoff prepared testimony in front of a General that had the Congressman ask if too many Marines on the island of Guam would make the island "capsize into the Pacific Ocean."
This is the "brilliant" national security mind of Ossoff. "Marines will make the island capsize!" 
America can't afford a radical leftist who calls himself a national security expert but believes that climate change causes terrorism and that Marines will make Pacific islands capsize.

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