Monday, June 5, 2017


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VIDEO: CNN Stages Fake Muslim Protest, BBC Promotes the LIE #CNNisISIS

CNN had to stage it. Because there are never any Muslim protests against jihad or female genital mutilation or gender apartheid or creed apartheid or Islamic antisemitism.

London Jihadi: “I’m ready to do whatever I need to do in the name of Allah… including killing my own mother.”

Police were warned about the main suspect radicalising children in a local park two years ago, a neighbour has revealed.

Islamic State Claims Responsibiity for London Attack, Calls for More “Revenge” Terror

The Islamic State’s (IS) ‘Amaq News Agency reported the June 3, 2017 vehicular and stabbing attacks in London, England were carried out by Muslim fighters. And what is motivating the Islamic State, jihadis native to Britian and ihadis in San Bernardino, Orlando, Chattanooga, Garland, New York, etc. What motivates the hundreds of thousands of Muslims waging jihad across the world? Islam.

Beloved “nice guy” Muslim neighbor is bloodthirsty London jihad terrorist

And therein lies the rub. How many moderates feel this way? More than you can imagine.

Robert Spencer: Enough is Enough, Prime Minister May. Resign.

Theresa May said it herself after the London jihad attacks. “It is time,” she declared, “to say enough is enough.” Great idea, Prime Minister. Enough is enough: it’s time for you to do the decent thing and resign.

Pamela Geller on BREITBART RADIO News Sunday Edition: Jihad Terror Attacks in London

I'll be on Breitbart Sunday News Edition tonight at 7:40 pm Eastern to discuss the catastrophic failures of Western policies in combating jihad and terror and what we can expect if we continue down this suicidal path.

Elite Media Insist Jihadis “Hijacked” and “Perverted” Islam. How, exactly?

As I have so often lamented. in the wake of horrific jihad terror comes the post-jihad dawah (proselytizing for Islam). While jiahdis scream "allahu akbar' and 'takbir' elites in the media and academia assure us it is not about Allah or Islam. It's demented.
Jihadis have "perverted" and/or "hijacked" Islam. How? How have they perverted it. They cite Quranic texts and teachings chapter and verse. They follow the hadith, Muhammad's example.

Horrific Eyewitness Accounts of London Jihad Attacks on Ramadan, “Woman Stabbed 10 or 15 times” by Men Shouting, “This is for Allah”

In the wake of the elite media scrubbing and censoring the Islamic motive while fingerwagging at us that the attack in the name of Allah had nothing to do with Allah, comes the little heard eyewitness accounts:

BREAKING: Major armed police terror operation underway in London

State of war.
It's a tricky thing, fighting a war with an enemy you not only refuse to name but insist is peaceful and merciful.

Supreme Court EXPEDITES Trump’s Petition on Travel Ban Case #BacktheBan

The case before the Supremes need no more than body count of Islamic terror attacks in the West and (as illustrated in our ad campaign which we are suing to get up in Seattle), the names of refugees arrested in jihad terror-related crimes here in America.

More jihad —> More sharia: Theresa May says the internet must now be “regulated” following London Bridge terror attack

The left has already proved to be too fearful of Islam to take real action against jihadis. Let me assure you, these measures will be used to silence my colleagues and me. Free exchange of ideas is not the problem. Islamic texts and teachings that exhort to jihad is the problem.

London jihad attack: Twelve Muslims arrested in heavily immigrant east London neighborhood

If the torn, dismembered bodies of little girls at an Ariana Grande concert was not a game-changer, then nothing will moved the conquered and the unmovable. Teddy bears, candlelight vigils and hashtags will not defeat jihad. Submission is surrender, it's not a strategy.

VIDEO: Muslims Take Over Fifth Avenue, NYC, Street Prayers/Protest in Front of Trump Tower for Ramadan, NOT AGAINST JIHAD TERROR

Have we ever seen Muslims take to the streets like this to oppose jihad terror?
No. Why take over and pray in the street? Muslim supremacism

London Bridge attack: Five Muslims held as police raid flats in Barking “in connection with terror attack”

Metropolitan Police have raided flats in east London "in connection with a terror attack at London Bridge which left seven people dead".

Theresa May says ‘enough is enough’ in wake of London Bridge terror attack

“It is an ideology that is a perversion of Islam and a perversion of the truth."

CNN’s Reza Aslan: Trump “piece of s**t” for calling for travel ban in wake of London jihad attacks

Wanting to defend Americans from jihad massacres makes Trump a “piece of s**t,” and “embarrassment to America,” a “stain on the presidency,” and an “embarrassment to humankind.”

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