Sunday, June 25, 2017


Saturday Night Cinema: Call Northside 777

Following up on last week's brilliant true crime drama Boomerang, tonight's SaturdayNight Cinema selection is the 1948 docu-noir movie crime drama, Call Northside 777, starring the indefatigable Jimmy Stewart.

Manchester jihadi found bomb making tips on YouTube

But YouTube blocks our content, while these savages run wild on the platform.

New study claims most terrorists in US are “right-wing,” not Muslim

How many people has the far right killed? Insane and mentally ill are not "far right."
Like jihad denial, this absurdity is void of reality. Try to imagine the enormous funding this drivel, this civil-war propaganda requires.


The left is going to explode. I can't wait. Trump, go hard. Go hard, man. We have your back.

MUSLIM arrested for setting Iowa mosque on fire

Another faked hate islamophobic crime committed by a Muslim.
Will this Muslima face 40 years as this Texas man for the same "hate crime" or are we forced to treat this sacred cow differently?

Oscar Winning ‘Humanitarian’ White Helmets Caught Dumping Beheaded Bodies

The White Helmets are al Qaeda. That the White Helmets are held up as some sort of humanitarian group while true humanitarian organizations like mine are labeled as hate groups speaks to the vicious hypocrisy and the evil of the left.

Muslim makes threats at Wisconsin courthouse: ‘I’m gonna KILL YOU ALL. Allah. Bomb.’

Charges have been filed against a man accused of making threats at the U.S. Courthouse near Jefferson and Wisconsin on Thursday, June 15th. The incident led to a traffic mess in downtown Milwaukee as several streets near the courthouse were shut down, and the courthouse itself, along with other businesses in the area, were evacuated.

Istanbul court RELEASES Muslim who attacked woman for ‘wearing mini-shorts’

Following Kızıltaş’s testimony, the court released him pending trial, indicating that the incident was restricted to “actual bodily harm.” Prosecutor Mehmet Ali Yıldız, however, filed an objection to the decision at a higher court, the 6th Court of Peace.

German Police Accused of Covering up CHILD RAPE in Asylum Home

Police and the local government in Herford, Germany, have been accused of covering up the rape of a child at an asylum home for almost two weeks.

Sweden: “I am Muslim, f*ck Swedes” say Muslim men while attacking disabled man

A homeless man laid down to sleep inside Gävle Central Station. He woke up with three Muslim men standing over him....

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