Sunday, June 25, 2017


Unverifiable, Lewd Russia Dossier Leaks Possibly of Democratic Origin

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Bernie Busted! Sanders and Wife Lawyer Up In Bank Fraud Case

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Monsanto’s Dirty Tricks Exposed: Report Reveals Collusion in Glyphosate Cancer Study

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MMA Fighter Slams Golden State’s Diss of The Donald, Would Come Visit POTUS Instead
Nazi Cache in Argentina Labeled HOAX By War Relics Expert
Texas Has Snarky Remark For California’s Asinine New Travel Ban
Essex College Suspends BlackLivesMatter Supporting Professor for Espousing Racist Views
Can Trump Save Us from Obamacare’s “Death Spiral”?
News You Can Use for June 25, 2017
Trump Twitter Slip-up Inspires Howitzer Operator to Rename His Weapon
Comey – Mueller Bromance Comes Under Conservative Scrutiny
Cartel Drug War Takes Over 70 Lives in Weeks Long Texas Battle
Despite Meddling Leftist Judges, Trump’s Refugee Number Plummets

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Truth: Obamacare Led To ‘Higher Costs And Fewer Health Insurance Options’
New York Minimum Wage Hike is KILLING Small Businesses
Liberals Ban Conservative Book List from Public Schools
News You Can Use for June 24, 2017
Americans Overwhelmingly Tired Of Russia Conspiracy Nonsense
New Fascists Cause ANOTHER Milo Cancelation, Impede Free Speech AGAIN
Hypocritical Liberal Californians Enact Discriminatory Travel Ban Against Conservatives
Man in Oregon Mathematically Stumps Traffic Cameras, Fined By Government
Clinton Foundation Caught With $1M in Undocumented Funds From Qatar
POTUS Takes Swing at Mueller-Comey Friendship, Calls It “Worrisome”
Education Today: A Prerequisite for Self-Destruction
Still Leading from Behind
Trump Deserves to take a “Victory Lap”
Hollywood Loses Out by Often Ignoring the Family and Faith Audience
Must See TV: The Democrats Unmitigated Disaster

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