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What 21st Century Racism Looks Like: New ‘Uncle Toms’ and Coconuts

Who are the primary abusers of "reformist" (secular) Muslims and/or former Muslims? Hardly surprising, Muslim supremacists and their vicious lapdogs on the left. So it is no wonder that they would join forces to malign and defame emancipated Muslims as Uncle Toms or coconuts (the Islamic take on the racist term 'oreo' -- Muslim on the outside, kafir on the inside).

6th Muslim charged in Detroit vaginal mutilation cases

The federal government has made another two arrests in the ever widening female genital mutilation prosecution case in Michigan bringing the number of Muslims charged to six. With another half a million girls at risk of FGM, those charged should be in the tens of thousands.
And while six little girls have been identified as victims of vaginal mutilation in the government’s ongoing female genital mutilation probe, as many as 100 Muslim girls in the community may have been subjected to genital cutting.

4th Muslim charged in Detroit female genital mutilation case

A fourth person has been charged in the case of alleged genital mutilation of girls by members of a Muslim sect.

TERROR IN MICHIGAN: Muslims SHOUTED ALLAHU AKBAR while stabbing cop in the neck at Flint airport #RAMADAN

Of course, the Islamic war cry was omitted from initial reports. It's Ramadan that makes this savage religious attack even holier. Those who gain martyrdom during the month of Ramadan are doubly rewarded in Paradise. Does that mean 144 virgins?


The Bishop International Airport (FNT) in Flint, Michigan has been evacuated after a police officer was stabbed in the neck, local media report. The suspect is in custody, while the airport is closed until further notice.

WATCH: Muslim attacks woman for wearing shorts during Ramadan in Turkey

Wearing shorts during Ramadan: an offense to Allah. Striking a woman who is wearing shorts during Ramadan: a blessed act. After all, the Qur’an commands Muslim men to “beat” from from whom they “fear disobedience.”

Tommy Robinson References Gladstone, Churchill, and Koran 9:5, Attempting to Educate Dhimmi Islamo-Ignoramus Piers Morgan

Gladstone, brandishing a copy of what Piers Morgan obsequiously characterized as a “holy book,” the Koran, declaimed in the House of Commons, “As long as a copy of this accursed book survives there can be no justice in the world.” (cited here, p. 136). Reflecting on Islam’s deleterious societal influence during a sojourn in an Ottoman Muslim controlled area of then Albania (Filiates), Gladstone further observed,

The Consequences of an Independent Kurdistan

A Kurdish state in what is now northern Iraq will have tremendous consequences.

Brussels bomber screaming “Allahu Akbar” was Muslim migrant and ‘known to police’

Of course he was known to police. All these jihadis are known to police. But they have their hands full chasing down Facebook and Twitter posts that might offend Muslims.

Comment of the day

1 incident involving a van hitting Muslims and it's a bloody hate crime.
Hundreds of incidents involving Muslims in the U.K and we are told it has nothing to do with Islam
If you can't see that for what it is, then you need to go to spec savers mate.

The Albanian Trojan Horse: Europe’s Only Muslim Majority Country Has Become Jihad’s Springboard Into the EU

Europe's only Muslim majority country has become Jihadi Islam's safehouse and springboard into the EU.

Muslim woman’s uncles murdered her, burned body for fear she would “DISHONOR” the family

Her uncles and cousin were allegedly concerned that her newly independent lifestyle would lead her to meet and date men, bringing “dishonor” upon their family.

Philippines: Muslim hostage drama at PRIMARY SCHOOL

A hostage drama that unfolded at a primary school in the southern Philippines has been resolved and the Islamist militants who had held people captive have withdrawn with no reports of casualties.

Professor’s Facebook Post Calls for Republicans To Be ‘Lined Up and Shot’

No, Democrats aren't the party of deranged -- not at all. Just because a professor called for Republicans to be shot doesn't mean the left is crazy -- right?

Last Remaining Police Station in Muslim Migrant-Dominated Swedish Suburbs Forced to Close

The last remaining station in the troubled Järva area will most likely have to close, police sources have said, due to lack of staff.

Robert Mueller Hires Another Clinton Donor for Russia Investigation

Robert Mueller, who's supposed to be conducting an unbiased investigation about Russian interference in U.S. elections and alleged obstruction from President Donald Trump, has hired yet another Clinton family donor as part of his team.

Trump Triumphs, as Republican Karen Handel Handily Defeats Dem Jon Ossoff

Another referendum on President Donald Trump? Indeed -- another Republican, Karen Handel, wins a congressional race over the Democrat opponent.

In a secret letter, Einstein reveals his fears against communism, even in the fight against fascism

An important hand signed confidential letter (in English) by Albert Einstein, reveal his reservations of associating with communism even in the fight against fascism.

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