Thursday, June 22, 2017


Colorado Teachers Get Firearm Training, Will Be Armed in Future

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Senate Healthcare Bill Sees Light of Day, Released to Public

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Trump Considers High Tech Border Wall, Complete With Solar Panels

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Media Aghast as Republicans Win Again 
Chick Fil A and Cracker Barrel Take Top Spots In Foodservice Survey 
Even Michael Moore Realizes That The Democratic Party is Dead 
German EU Official Wants “Entire Syrian Villages” Relocated to Deutschland 
Oregon Succumbs To Leftist Lunacy, Adding Third Gender to Drivers License 
Amid North Korean Threats, Missile Intercept Test Fails Near Hawaii 
RI Looks to Split Ticket Revenue With Traffic Infraction Surveillance Company 
Christian High School Student Defies Administration to Praise Jesus 
News You Can Use for June 22, 2017 
Hillary’s Emails Come Back to Haunt Democratic Diva with New Investigation 

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Yellowstone Suffers HUNDRED of Earthquakes This Week, Stoking Volcano Fears 
Democratic Implosion Continues As DNC Fundraising Hits 14 Year Low 
South Korea Cries “Grave Provocation” in Case of North Korean Drone 
North Korea Continues Push For Conflict, Activity At Nuke Sites Spotted 
Terror Strikes Michigan Airport: “Allahu Akbar” Heard As Policeman Stabbed 
Liberal Feminist Camille Paglia says the Democrat Party has Destroyed Journalism! 
Despite Media Prophecies of Doom – GOP just Keeps Winning! 
Ted Cruz: Voters Don’t Care about Russia! 
Otto Warmbier’s Murder by North Korea is Barack Obama’s Legacy to America 
New Report: Top Election Official Found “No Credible Evidence of Election Tampering” 
Karen Handel Victory Speech, Democrat Depression Sets In 
The Ultimate Witch Hunt 
Trump’s Cuba U-Turn: A Return to the Cold War? 
Liberal San Jose, CA says – ‘A Wall for Us, but Not for You’ 
We Can Stop the Violence before it Begins 

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