Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Trump Travel Ban Sees Renewed Life After Court Ruling

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Another Hollywood Liberal Calls For Literal “WAR” Against Trump

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U2’s Bono uses Concert To Call for End To Radical Leftism

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More Media Meltdown for Morose Megyn, Americans Moving Away From Mainstream 
California Law Demands Gun Owners Forfeit Certain Equipment on July 1st 
Mystery of USS Fitzgerald Collision Deepens During Concurrent Probes 
Fake News: CNN Furious That They Can’t Make A Scene at WH Press Briefings 
Radical Leftist Rag Attacking Trump’s Son Over “Fascist” Haircut 
Social Justice Warriors From BLM and LGBTQ Pride Battle For Parade Supremacy in MN 
Top Obama Aide Praises President Trump says his Style is “Quicker, more Decisive” 
Democrats Invented and Mandated Gerrymandering. Now They Call It Racist. 
Mueller’s Wild Donkey Chase 
Crisis Actors, Staged News, False Flags, and the Death of Journalism 

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Ramadan Violence: ISIS claims Responsibility for Attacks in more than Half a Dozen Countries 
Jewish Senator Questions Christian Theology 
How their Russia Obsession Explains why the Democrats are Doomed 
Rush Limbaugh says “We’re Mainstream” it’s the Media who’s Extreme 
How Not to Answer a Bible Question 
How Non-Citizen Voters Almost Lost Us the Election 
News You Can Use for June 26, 2017 
MMA Fighter Slams Golden State’s Diss of The Donald, Would Come Visit POTUS Instead 
Nazi Cache in Argentina Labeled HOAX By War Relics Expert 
Texas Has Snarky Remark For California’s Asinine New Travel Ban 
Essex College Suspends BlackLivesMatter Supporting Professor for Espousing Racist Views 
Can Trump Save Us from Obamacare’s “Death Spiral”? 
News You Can Use for June 25, 2017 
Trump Twitter Slip-up Inspires Howitzer Operator to Rename His Weapon 
Comey – Mueller Bromance Comes Under Conservative Scrutiny 

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