Tuesday, June 27, 2017


Submitted by: P Jackson

 Antibiotic warning
    I really don’t like to send things like this out but Julie Woodyard sent it to me after Miriam was put on CIPRO and her hair fell out and other strange things. They researched this antibiotic and found out that it is very dangerous. It also includes anything in the FLUOROQUINOLONE  family , including
or any antibiotic with QUIN or OXACIN   in the name. I have also been told that anything with FLOX  in the name is dangerous.
Julie’s mom also had several people she knew who were put on CIPRO for a uti and actually died.
    I am not a doctor so please look into it yourself. I just wanted people I care about to at least be aware.
Love, Laura
Sent: Sunday, June 25, 2017 9:51 AM
Subject: Antibiotic

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  1. Comment of Dr Richard Ruhling: I was board-certified in Internal Medicine and have prescribed Cipro on occasions,
    but that was before another MD prescribed it for my wife's bladder infection.
    It wiped out her platelets, and in spite of splenectomy, high steroids, gamma globulin
    and transfusions, she died of a stroke. I'm remarried (happily) in Arizona.

    I live hear another alumnus from my med school who got deathly sick from one dose of Cipro.
    I have talked with another MD who took it with a 2nd drug, Flagyl, and was in bed NINE months.

    I would sue the company but it's almost impossible--they are protected by damn policies & laws.
    The last message in the Bible is Babylon is fallen, come out of her..."For by her sorcery were
    ALL nations deceived." Rev 18:2-4,23. The Greek word for sorcery is pharmakeia


    PS: Forgot to mention that I remarried a nurse whose husband died after IV Cipro.
    I was teaching Health Science at Loma Linda University (1974-78) when the Dean told me,
    "They are starting to call medical care "healthcare!" Big pharma has sold the US Congress a lie
    and played a major role in writing the 20,000 pages of Obama care, but it's NOT health care.

    Most diseases in the medical text are of "unknown etiology" which means they don't know the cause.
    And if they don't know the cause, there is no way the Rx can address the cause, which in most cases
    is something we've been putting in our mouths for years. The body is designed for self-healing if we
    repent and change what we are doing, (which is not so easy to discover) but an Rx for the symptoms
    will sooner or later mean two problems instead of one.