Saturday, June 24, 2017


Loretta Lynch Will Get Her Time in The Hot Seat Over 2016 Election Actions

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New Civil War Liberals Have Attacked 30 GOP Congressmen Since May Began

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Man in Texas Coughs Up Personal Cash to Blast ABC In A YUGE Way

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Americans Overwhelmingly Tired Of Russia Conspiracy Nonsense 
New Fascists Cause ANOTHER Milo Cancelation, Impede Free Speech AGAIN 
Hypocritical Liberal Californians Enact Discriminatory Travel Ban Against Conservatives 
Man in Oregon Mathematically Stumps Traffic Cameras, Fined By Government 
Clinton Foundation Caught With $1M in Undocumented Funds From Qatar 
POTUS Takes Swing at Mueller-Comey Friendship, Calls It “Worrisome” 
Education Today: A Prerequisite for Self-Destruction 
Still Leading from Behind 
Trump Deserves to take a “Victory Lap” 
Hollywood Loses Out by Often Ignoring the Family and Faith Audience 

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Must See TV: The Democrats Unmitigated Disaster 
Appeals Court Frees the Subject of “Making a Murderer” 
President Trump Holds Raucous Rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa 
Media Wonders Why Hillary’s Favorables aren’t Rising 
Liberals say “Break Up Amazon” but can’t Explain Why 
The Arnot Hypothesis and the Futility of War 
News You Can Use for June 23, 2017 
Keeping Obamacare? Senate Conservatives aren’t Happy with the Senate Healthcare Bill 
Only Trump can Solve the Susan Rice “Unmasking” Conundrum 
Senator Tom Cotton Rips the NY Times for Latest Lies 
Nancy Pelosi Invokes God to Defend the Murder of Children 
Famous Illegal Immigrant Continues Illegally Working for Major Media Corporations, Government Does Nothing 
Shock News: State Department Investigating Hillary Clinton for Mishandling Classified Intel 
What is a “Hero”? 
Media Aghast as Republicans Win Again 

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