Saturday, June 17, 2017


Alex Jones v. Megyn Kelly: Stunt to Raise Kelly’s NBC Ratings?

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Starbuck’s Baristas Berate Trump Supporter in Latest Attack on Conservatives

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Conway Outs Sick Radical Leftists For Cheering Violence Against Conservatives

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Canada Creates Criminal Charges For “He”, “She” Semantic Mistakes 
Concentration Camps in NK in Focus After Comatose American’s Return 
Chicago’s Uncontrolled Gun Violence Strikes Girls at School Picnic 
Armed Homeowner Stops Cop Killing Prison Escapees in Tennessee 
More Literal Liberal Shots Fired Against Conservatives in New Civil War 
Trump No Fan of Obama’s Previous Deal with Cuba, Declares It’s Over 
Liberals are on “The Wrong Side” 
The Blunt Truth 
President Trump says AG Lynch gave Hillary a Free Pass 
The Odds of Evolution are Zero 

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New Report finds Obama Cronies on Chemical Safety Board are being Investigated for Illegal Lobbying 
Why are we Attacking Syrians who are Fighting ISIS? 
Democrats Say “Yea” to Capital Punishment 
Democrats have Long Attacked Republicans as Subhuman Hatemongers 
Is Congress’ Position on Russia, Confused? 
Should the Democrat Party be Listed as a “Hate Group”? 
News You Can Use for June 16, 2017 
California Democrat Caught Verbally Abusing Homosexuals for Opposing a Tax Hike 
CMT Considering Reviving Recently Canceled ‘Last Man Standing’ 
Father of Man who was Falsely Imprisoned by North Korea Praises President Trump, Rips Obama 
Clinton Prosecutor Ken Starr says He Doesn’t See a Case for Obstruction of Justice 
Conservative Congressman Pushes Bill to Allow Out-of-State Concealed Carry Permit Holders to Carry in D.C. 
Why is the Liberal Media Ignoring Muslim Terrorism? 
President Trump Gives Secretary of Defense Authority to Handle Military Operations in Afghanistan 
Eyewitness to Seth Rich Shooting “He Didn’t Even Know He Was Shot” 

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