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CHUCK KOLB 06/17/2017

Psycho Movie Week with Yellowstone Update !!! 

Verily beloveds, the insanity is pervalent before our very eyes, 
with loss of life in Afghanistan, a last named perp that sounds 
like a fatal disease nearly massacres lives at a Congress baseball 
practice, a teenage psycho texts her boyfriend to death and is 
found guilty, Shakespeare is disgraced and so the nation by the 
perverted rendition of Julius Caesar in NYC depicting the killing 
of our beloved Donald, our USS Fitzgerald destroyer is damaged 
with 7 beloved sailors missing, Bill Cosby hollow perv faces new 
trial, the reptile Queen mum turns 91 years old as the aftermath of 
130+ are roasted to death in a high rise fire in West London, 
a policewoman is stabbed to death in Jerusalem, NK releases 
Otto Warmbier, a comatose patriot back to the U.S and the 
Yellowstone caldera is literally on the hot plate ...  
Maranatha ! 

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Shabbat Shalom - Parasha Shelach Lecha - Faith and Entering the Promised Land !!! 

A Message from President Trump (1:58
For Steve Scalise and those wounded ... 

6/16/17: Weekly Address (4:40

President Trump Gives Participates in a Signing on the US Policy Towards Cuba (43:44) 

President's Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and Opioid Crisis (1:51:52) - The White House 

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Russia says it may have killed ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi 
w vid by Kim Hjelmgaard - USA TODAY 

Special counsel Mueller investigating Jared Kushner's finances, Washington Post reports
w vid/pix by William Cummings and David Jackson - USA TODAY 

Vice President Pence hires outside counsel to answer Russia probe questions
w vid by Maureen Groppe - USA TODAY 

vid Vice President Pence lawyers up for Russia investigation 
 As far as the public knows, the vice president isn't subject to any FBI investigation. - Newsy Newslook 

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Rep. Scalise remains in critical condition, will be in the hospital 'for some time'
w vids/pix by Charles Ventura and Ledyard King - USA TODAY 

Steve Scalise improving, had been at 'imminent risk of death' 
w vid by Deborah Barfield Berry - USA TODAY

vid Congressional Baseball game displays rare unity 

Republicans and Democrats joined in friendly rivalry Thursday at their annual Congressional Baseball game, many fresh
from the horror of the ballfield shooting a day earlier that left a fellow lawmaker seriously wounded. (June 16) - AP 

vid Congressional Baseball game plays ball 
Republican and Democratic members of Congress play in the annual Congressional Baseball Game
one day after a gunman opened fire on congressional Republicans practicing in Northern Virginia. - USA TODAY 

Gunman in congressional baseball shooting had list of names in his pocket
w vid by Melanie Eversley and Kevin Johnson - USA TODAY 

James T. Hodgkinson showed all the signs before he shot Rep. Steve Scalise
w vid James Alan Fox - USA TODAY 

Steve Scalise/Shot Over Investigation into Pizza Gate (7:30
Published on Jun 15, 2017 -  BPEarthWatch - http://www.BPEarthWatch.Com
Some titles are blocked. Be wiser than the serpent. 
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Yavoh ~ He is coming ! 
Yahweh - Yeshua -  Ruach Ha-Kodesh 
Ehyeh Asher Ehyeh אֶהְיֶה אֲשֶׁר אֶהְיֶה   
Minute by minute updates here ... 
Watching for Yeshua Ha-Mashiach,7340,L-3089,00.html 
Pray at the Kotel - the Western Wailing Wall 
Entire Media News on this Planet 
click continue to use 

Ramadan Bombathon - Day 22 
128 attacks - 1247 kills 

Policewoman stabbed to death in Jerusalem attack 

Sing unto God, sing praises to his name: extol him that rideth upon the heavens by his name Jah, and rejoice before him.
A father of the fatherless, and a judge of the widows, is God in his holy habitation. 

Psalm 68:4-5 KJV 

Psycho Movie Week with Yellowstone Update !!!

YellowStone Super Volcano is ALIVE! 64 Earthquakes Today!(ALERT VIDEO) (2:03
Published on Jun 16, 2017 - macentertainment 
64 earthquakes today have been recorded at YellowStone Super Volcano today, with 233 quakes in only the past 4 day. Nasa have been monitoring YellowStone during this time with it most advance air plane every made. From looking at the chart the earthquakes seem to be hitting at a shallower depth as the day progress and the intensity in magnitude growing each passing day.

28M Will Die: Yellowstone: 6-16-17 M4.4 Earthquake Swarm, Up Lift, Caldera Recharges (8:13
Published on Jun 16, 2017 - Mary Greeley 
The biggest concern with an eruption the size of Yellowstone is ashfall. The force would shoot ash into the atmosphere up to 30 kilometres high where the easterly jetstream would carry it as far away as Europe within three days. The volcano would also eject sulphuric acid into the air forming an aerosol that remains in the atmosphere for years, screening out sunlight, causing global temperatures to drop and killing crops for years afterward. Even 1 millimeter of ash will close airports, cause damage to vehicles and houses, and contaminate water supplies. 

Yellowstone Volcano Hit by 72 Earthquakes In 24 Hours, Quakes Moving Toward Caldera Area (4:40
Published on Jun 16, 2017 - DAHBOO777 - 
USGS Has listed 72 Earthquakes in this area of Yellowstone in the past 24 Hours. This swarm was set off by a shallow 4.4 Earthquake. We also have NASA flying an Infrared Observatory over the Super Volcano. This quake activity could be a sign of underground magma on the move. The smaller quakes are starting to work their way toward the Caldera area. 

HEADS UP! Yellowstone Super Volcano Hit with 4.5M Earthquake (2:32
Published on Jun 15, 2017 - DAHBOO77 - 
On the heels of my last video, warning about Yellowstone, We now have a decent 4.5M Earthquake striking the region. There have also been other shallow quakes around the epicenter of the big one. This something too pay attention to considering NASA Is monitoring this area and we now have a decent quake. I will continue to update as things change. 

4.5 Earthquake - Yellowstone | #swarm felt across entire park (2:06
Published on Jun 15, 2017 - MrMBB333 - 
A swarm of quakes has triggered seismos at W Yellowstone Supervolcano. A swarm of 5 quakes in less than an hour in the same general location near the initial 4.5 quake that shook the entire park. 

7 reported missing after U.S. Navy destroyer collision off Japan
w vid by AP 

The USS Fitzgerald was involved in a collision with a merchant vessel while operating about 56 nautical
miles southwest of Yokosuka, Japan, according to a statement Friday from the U.S. military. 

Navy sailors remain missing; flooding on USS Fitzgerald stabilized
w vid by Aamer Madhani - USA TODAY

Michelle Carter guilty of manslaughter for texts urging boyfriend's suicide
w vid by Denise Lavoie - AP 

Here are the disturbing texts from Michelle Carter pressuring her boyfriend to kill himself 
by Sky Palma 

Update: June 16, 2107: This Friday, Carter was found guilty of involuntary manslaughter in a Bristol juvenile court. This court has found that Carter’s actions and failure to act where it was her self-created duty to Roy since she put him in that toxic environment constituted reckless conduct,” the judge said. “The court finds that the conduct caused the death of Mr. Roy.” With Carter standing, Moniz said, “This court, having reviewed the evidence, finds you guilty on the indictment with involuntary manslaughter.” ... “You’re finally going to be happy in heaven. No more pain,” she told him in one message. “It’s okay to be scared and it’s normal. I mean, you’re about to die.” Carter was 17 at the time of Roy’s death. [...] 

Otto Warmbier: What is Unresponsive Wakefulness Syndrome? Can he recover?
w vid Sydney C Greene - USA TODAY 

Another ... 
Afghan soldier's insider attack wounds 7 American soldiers 
by AP

Seven US soldiers wounded after Afghan fighter opens fire in base: military officials 
w vid by FoX 

Seven American soldiers were wounded when an Afghan army solider opened fire at a military base in northern Afghanistan, US military officials said Saturday. A spokesman for Resolute Support in Afghanistan said in a statement that all seven soldiers were medically evacuated and “are being cared for.” [...] 

London police: 58 missing in disastrous tower fire presumed dead
w pix by Aamer Madhani - USA TODAY

UK police: 58 dead and presumed dead in London blaze 
w vid by FoX 

LONDON - Fifty-eight people who were in Grenfell Tower are still missing and are presumed to be dead, London police announced Saturday, raising the death toll in the horrific inferno that turned the public housing block into a charred hulk. [...] 

Anger erupts as London fire death toll soars to 30
w vids/pix by Kim Hjelmgaard - USA TODAY 

Bill Cosby trial: How did a mistrial happen? And what comes next?
w vid/pix by Maria Puente - USA TODAY

Bill Cosby judge declares mistrial; prosecutor vows to retry case
w vids/pix by Karl Baker and Maria Puente - The (Wilmington) News Journal 

vid Port trucking companies buried their poor, immigrant workers in debt 

A USA TODAY Network investigation found a predatory scheme that ensnared thousands of immigrant truck drivers at the port. - Scott Hall 

Thanks beloved Tom ... 
Dennis Rodman Hits North Korea With a Trump Surprise  

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman, vowing to come back again soon, on Saturday wrapped up a low-key and incident-free visit to the North Korean capital. n his way to the airport, Rodman vowed to return and said his "thoughts and prayers" are with the family of Otto Warmbier, an American student who was arrested and imprisoned in the North for 17 months, then released just hours before Rodman's arrival. [...] 

Alex Jones leaks pre-interview talks with NBC's Megyn Kelly
w vid by Jim Michaels - USA TODAY 

Megyn Kelly's interview with conspiracy theorist Alex Jones is necessary
w vid by Christian Schneider - USA TODAY

vid Turkish presidential guards charged over violent brawl with protesters 
A dozen Turkish security guards will face charges for attacking protesters outside the Turkish Embassy
during President Erdogan's visit. -  Newsy Newslook 

Forced into debt. Worked past exhaustion. Left with nothing.
by Brett Murphy - USA TODAY 

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Thanks beloved 
Ben Davidson ...  

[LIVE Style] Over-Electrified Ionosphere | S0 News June.17.2017 (5:07

Hubble’s Spirograph 

R Aquarii: Watching a Volatile Stellar Relationship 

GBT Captures Orion Blazing Bright in Radio Light

Observing the Frontier 2017 Conference playlist w updates 

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Massive Perturber Is Tilting the Solar System-Nearing Point of Perihelion (19:11
Published on Jun 15, 2017 - Skywatch Media News - 
Most casual observers of astronomy consider Nibiru or Planet X 
to be the most talked about space news in 2017. 

Meteor "Shook Earth" | Space Rock puts on BIG show in S Africa | Possible impact (7:26
Published on Jun 15, 2017 - MrMBB333 - 
Eyewitnesses in South Africa the morning of June 15 just before sunrise saw a huge meteor that according to some accounts may have hit the earth. One witness says it did and that the earth shook following a loud 'bang'. Earth's atmosphere has been handling a debris cloud in the recent days-weeks and it appears some of this debris isn't so small. 

Update - Massive Fish Kill In Texas (1:37
Published on Jun 15, 2017 - DAHBOO77 - 
Thousands of dead and dying fish washed ashore at Matagorda Bay Nature Park Friday, the Houston Chronicle reports. Video captured by Youtube user “The Fish Whisperer” shows just how extensive the fish kill was.

Gulf of Alaska Anomaly (1:43
Published on Jun 15, 2017 - MrMBB333 -  
Early morning radar anomaly from Gulf of Alaska. Observed on multiple maps. "Thanks Marie" 

Tyler truth ... 
WHO BUILT This Mystery Circle On Mars? 6/16/17 (10:12
Published on Jun 16, 2017 -  secureteam10  

This is not good ... 
Major Heads Up/Storm Moving Into Gulf of Mexico/Florida (7:20
Published on Jun 16, 2017 -  BPEarthWatch 
50% Chance of Development, 2 Storms Now!
All Hurricane Links @ http://www.BPEarthWatch.Com

Satellite shows ... 
Atlantic Storm Strengthens/Yellowstone Quake/Stocks (6:58
Published on Jun 16, 2017 -  BPEarthWatch - http://www.BPEarthWatch.Com 

Look What Texas Mayor Just Did When Illegal Sharia Law Court Opened Up For Business In Her City! (2:49
Published on Jun 16, 2017 - Breaking News 365

Muslim Brat Demands White Worker Give In To Her, Gets Priceless Response (3:03
Published on Jun 16, 2017 - Breaking News 365
Mayor Beth Van Duyne and her city council shut down this Sharia Court in the best way possible: by voting to support the current Texas state bill that bans foreign laws from ruling in their state. Of course, these radical Muslims are outraged. From The Political Insider: [...] 

DOJ Warns Americans: Don't Believe Anonymous Officials (2:07
Published on Jun 16, 2017 - DAHBOO777 - 

The Missing 411 ... 
EXCLUSIVE Interview With David Paulides Of The Missing ! (48:50)
Published on Jun 16, 2017 -  secureteam10 
Dave's Website: The CanAm Missing Project - The first website dedicated to understanding the complexity and issues of searching, rescuing and investigating people missing in the wilds of north America. 
Missing 411 is now available on all digital platforms worldwide:
iTunes link: Amazon link: 

Savage MAP Reveals Disturbing Info For Trump Supporters 
— Protect Yourselves, While You Still Can (9:56
Published on Jun 16, 2017 - Lisa Haven - 
Ever since Donald Trump became president, those on the left have been on a continuous rampage to stop him at all costs. They have used, and are using, protests, riots, violence, lies, brainwashing techniques and manipulation to push their agenda to the brink. It’s gotten so bad that the left has reached the point where they have gone completely INSANE and are now calling everyone and everything a “racist” and pushing for violence against anyone in opposition to their belief. All that and more in this MUST SEE report… 

The SECOND Civil War Has Begun in America (18:25
Published on Jun 16, 2017 - AMTV 

Anonymous - There is Something Very Strange about This Man! (And We Know Why) (11:11
Published on Jun 16, 2017 - Anonymous Global 

End Game! Massive False Flag Operation Has Begun! Dr Greer Explains! 2017 (1:04:33
Published on Jun 16, 2017 - thirdphaseofmoon - 
Steven Macon Greer (June 28, 1955) is an American retired medical doctor and ufologist who founded the Center for the Study of Extraterrestrial Intelligence (CSETI) and The Disclosure Project, Dr. Steven Greer #1 Most Viewed UFO Youtube Channel Thirdphaseofmoon Shares Your Incredible UFO Videos To the World! Upload your UFO Video To Youtube, Then Copy Paste The Link To My Email! Keep Your Eyes on the Skies! We are not Alone! 

Published on Jun 11, 2017 - Breaking News TV 

THE DEEP STATE - 50 Year Old Recording Explains Why The World Is Going Crazy (1:14:01
Published on Jun 13, 2017 - End Times Productions
This is a recording from 1967, It describes events we see in the news today with shocking accuracy. Everything was pre planned and they only have one goal. Myron Fagan is the speaker. Thank you for watching. God Bless You. 

Huge Crack in the Earth Opens Up East of Yellowstone Caldera by Big Horn Mountains (3:00
Published on Oct 28, 2015 - DAHBOO777 -

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