Thursday, June 15, 2017


Liberal “Journalist” Calls For ORGANIZED Violent Resistance After Baseball Attack

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Michael Savage Predicted GOP Baseball Shooting and Civil War on Tuesday

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Dirty Bomb Threat Hits The USA! Major Shipping Port Shut Down

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Vladimir Putin Can’t Seem To Mind His Own Business in Comey Case 
Steve Scalise Update From The President: Rep is “In Trouble” 
Manhunt For Georgia’s Escaped Cop Killers Expands, Reward Up to $115K 
Pelosi Pretends There Are “No Democrats” After Radical Leftist Baseball Shooting 
Thought Crime Bill Passes in Japan; Now Able to Arrest Pre-Crime PLANNERS 
High School Teacher in Hot Water for Censoring Pro-Trump Students 
News You Can Use for June 15, 2017 
More Threats To GOP Congress Emerge After Baseball Shooting 
MA Gov’t Wants Pot Peddlers To Take Tyrannical Tax Bump 
Baseball Players in Congress to Honor Scalise With LSU Jerseys at Game 

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Iran Continues to Antagonize USA With “Unsafe” Military Maneuver 
ISIS Going High Tech in Syria With Drone Swarms 
Democrats Moved From ‘Collusion’ To ‘Obstruction’ To ‘Emoluments’ Accusations – Just Looking to Dump Trump 
Republicans Describe the Chaos of the Shooting at the GOP Baseball Team Practice 
Political Leaders Respond to Shooting of GOP Congressman 
Democrat Senator Calls for Investigation into Possibility that Loretta Lynch Colluded with the Clinton Campaign 
Media Malpractice: Story on Trump Firing Mueller makes No Sense, but the Media Still Ran It 
Democrat Strategist Explains why Hillary Lost: Campaign was a “F***ing Piece of Sh**” 
Attorney General Jeff Sessions Testifies before the Senate about Ongoing Russia Stories 
Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ Opening Statement to the Senate Judiciary Committee 
If Bill Maher Were Republican 
MLB Team Celebrates “Gay Pride” on “Kids Day” 
Fearful Liberals 
News You Can Use for June 14, 2017 
Racist Petition Telling MSNBC “No More White Conservatives” Has 175K Signatures 

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