Thursday, June 15, 2017


by Lee S Gliddon Jr

The political Left, made up by Progressive Liberals, Democrats, and their RINO pals gave their approval to kill Republican legislators.

The Left embraced:

Kathy Griffin's depiction of President Trump's beheading, the depiction of President Trump being assassinated on stage, the continued naming of President Trump as a communist, Putin lackey and worse only serves to fuel the fire of hatred in the unbalanced mind.

Look at the obvious. "I want to bomb the White House." This was sneered at by the LEFT!

Senator Chuck Schumer, Representative Nancy Pelosi and other Left leaning members of Congress, both Senate and House have accused the GOP of "killing citizens", and other dastardly crimes for even daring to have the thought to represent their constituency.

Then there are the Leftists like Governor McAuliff, that falsely claim, "93 million Americans die annually from gun violence!


If McAuliff would check facts maybe the number 13, 380 would ring a bell!

Look at the facts!

If the Left can laugh  at tragedy, although staged, depicting violence and sheer hatred towards OUR President then  they are setting this nation up for tragedies beyond the imagination.

If you will think back to President Bush's , George W,  first term, just before 9/11 the Democrats of Congress were spouting venom at any and everything he tried to accomplish. After 9/11 they curtailed their stupidity and things improved.

Will the Left continue their idiocy until a major tragedy occurs?

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