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Difficult to read, but very telling:

On Wednesday May 17, an
anonymous emergency room
surgeon made a post to Boardnet,
under the sub-category /pol/,
regarding the circumstances of
Seth Rich's death in August 2016.
The means of information
dissemination are similar to the
intriguing anonymous posts
made to Reddit by an alleged
FBI agent, last August.

Those 2016 posts referred to the
contents on Anthony Weiner's
computer, within a specific folder
named "Life Insurance" and more
importantly, their potential to
implode the US Government.
Weiner's computer and his "Life
Insurance" folder are currently in
the possession of the FBI. The
folder allegedly has information
about corruption and pedophilia
among a large percentage of US
public officials that is so damning,
that mass awareness of its contents
could lead to major social unrest.
Incidentally, regarding the Weiner
case, my source, a former member
of the Intelligence Community has
told me that the senior New York
Police Department officials who
originally had possession of
Anthony Weiner's computer and
who were so livid about the
information within the "Life
Insurance" folder that they wanted
desperately to break that case
have since been put on permanent
administrative leave, with full pay
and benefits and their children's
college tuitions guaranteed at the
Ivy League universities of their

Back to the anonymous emergency
room surgeon. His post reads:

"[I am a] 4th-year surgery resident
here who rotated from WHC
(Washington Hospital Center) last
year, it won't be hard to identify me
but I feel that I shouldn't stay silent.

"Seth Rich was shot twice, with three
total gunshot wounds (Entry and exit,
and entry). He was taken to the OR
emergency where we performed and
exlap and found a small injury to
segment three of the liver which was
packed and several small bowel
injuries (pretty common for gunshots
in the back exiting the abdomen),
which we resected-12 cm of bowel
and left him in discontinuity (didn't
hook everything back up) with the
intent of performing a washout in the
morning. He did not have any major
vascular injuries or otherwise. I've
seen dozens of worse cases than this
which survived and nothing about
his injuries suggested to me that
he'd sustained a fatal wound.

"In the meantime he was transferred
to the ICU and transfused with 2 units
of blood when his post-surgery crit
came back ~20. He was stable and
not on any pressors, and it seemed
pretty routine. About 8 hours after he
arrived we were swarmed by LEOs
[Law Enforcement Officers] and pretty
much everyone except the attending
[physician] and a few nurses were
kicked out of the ICU (disallowing
visiting hours...not something we do
routinely). It was weird as hell.

"At turnover [change of shift] that
morning, we were instructed not to
round [check up] on the VIP that
came in last night (that's exactly
what the attending [physician] said,
and no one except for me and
another resident had any idea who
he was talking about).

"No one here was allowed to see
Seth except for my attending
[physician] when he died. No code
was called. I rounded [checked-up]
on patients literally next door but
was physically blocked from
checking in on him. I've never seen
anything like it before, and while I
can't say 100% that he was allowed
to die, I don't understand why he
was treated like that. Take it how
you may...I'm just one low level
doc. Something's fishy though,
that's for sure."

Journalist Bill Still reaches out to
this anonymous doctor, offering to
simulcast a live chat during FoxNews'
Hannity Show, if he would like to
elaborate on the details of his story
further. Still suggests that this
would be an ideal way to guarantee
this doctor's safety, saying, "This
is the most dangerous time for you
...when a well-connected and
crooked investigator can determine
your identity and location in an
hour...We would be happy to do a
Skype video with you right away.
Fox producers and even show hosts
do watch this channel. That will
immediately give you much more
protection than you have now...I
don't have to explain to this
audience what's at stake, here.
From this point, it just wouldn't
 take very much work for an honest
team of investigators from the FBI
to take it from here. This could take
down the entire cabal and vanquish
the climate of fear that hangs over
this whole town [Washington, DC]."
To my knowledge, the anonymous
doctor has yet to respond.

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