Tuesday, May 23, 2017


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Video: Islamic State jihadi claims responsibility for Manchester Ariana Grande concert jihad attack

Brace yourself for jihad attack part two in the information battle-space, as jihad spox groups such as CAIR, ISNA, MSA, etc. take control of a sharia-compliant media and proselytize and lecture us on "fear of reprisals" and "backlashophobia" while clubbing us bloody with the mind-numbing manta that "Islam is peace."

‘The blood, the sound, the body parts…it will never leave my mind’: Witnesses tell of horrific scenes, shrapnel wounds at Manchester Arena terrorist attack

Many of the injured have nails, screws, shrapnel from the bomb, consistent with IEDs, pressure cooker bombs like the Boston bombing.

Terror in UK: 20 Dead after Suicide Bombing of Ariana Grande Concert in Manchester, Bomb Disposal On Scene

The target was young girls and gays. This is jihad. They repeatedly target music festivals and concerts, i.e. Bataclan.

‘RUNNING AND SCREAMING’: Explosions at Ariana Grande concert, MULTIPLE DEATHS, injuries at Manchester Arena

POLICE have confirmed that people have died and been injured after “explosions” at Manchester Arena sent thousands of terrified concertgoers fleeing an Ariana Grande concert.

Breitbart News Daily: Pamela Geller Reviews President Trump’s Visit to MidEast

If you missed my segment this morning with Alex Marlow on Breitbart radio, you can listen at the link below.
Breitbart News wrote it up here.

Swedish Airport Evacuated, Explosives Found in Bag

A SWEDISH airport has been evacuated after a bag with "traces of explosives" was discovered in the departure hall.

Trump Admin Declares Jerusalem Part of Israel in Major Policy Shift

The Trump administration declared the president is in "Jerusalem, Israel," on Mondayfor a series of meetings with Israeli officials, a proclamation that breaks with years of American policy refraining from stating that the city of Jerusalem is part of Israel.

Tampa PD: Angry Muslim convert KILLED ROOMMATES over disrespect to his faith

During an interview, 18-year-old Devon Arthurs admitted to the shooting deaths of Jeremy Himmelman and Andrew Oneschuk, and said they all used to be friends and shared neo-Nazi beliefs. Arthurs says he later converted to Muslim, and became angry with the world’s anti-Muslim sentiment. He told police he wanted to bring attention to his cause.

Has Western Man Become a Snivelling Peter Pan?

Childish naiveté has turned into a powerful ideology of consensus.

White House Official Says “Fundamental Change” in “Palestinian Authority” Needed to Advance Peace Process

A senior White House official has said that US President Donald Trump’s bid for a final peace deal between Israel and the Palestinian Authority (PA) can “happen only after certain things change” in terms of the Palestinian leadership’s approach to incitement and terrorism.

Lawyer Argues Female Genital Mutilation Is An Islamic Religious Right

The lawyers for the Michigan FGM doctors charged with performing the barbaric procedures on young Muslim girls are saying these Muslim doctors are not guilty and are being persecuted because of their religion.
Under Islamic law (sharia), they are not guilty. Under Western law, they are monsters.

In Israel, Trump says “There’s a great feeling for peace throughout the Middle East”

Donald Trump landed in Israel late on Monday morning in advance of a whirlwind two-day visit to Jerusalem and the West Bank.

Trump Effect: Israel Agrees to Reach Out to Palestinians ‘At Trump Request’

Israel is making a most unusal reach-out to the Palestinians -- and it's all because of the Jewish country's high regard for President Donald Trump.

ISIS Terrorist Shot by Sniper From Spot 1.5 Miles Away

A British sniper took down an ISIS terrorist target from an impressive 1.5 miles away.

As Trump meets “moderate’ Abbas in Bethlehem, the ‘Palestinian Authority’ names squares in Israel after murderers

It is not an act of defiance in order to embarrass the President. It is standard operating procedure. Heralding and honoring jihadis who slaughter Jews is essential to the annihilationist zeitgeist of the Islamic culture of the Muslims in "disputed" Israel territories. The celebrities of Islamic culture in Gaza, Judea and Samaria are mass murderers.

“Nazi slut”: German court rules “satirical” insult of AfD leader, foe of Muslim migrant influx, is acceptable

Calling a "far-right" politician a "Nazi slut" on television is perfectly acceptable, according to a German court, which ruled that a TV presenter was being satirical when he said those very words about an Alternative for Germany (AfD) politician last month.

Swedish Diplomats Move National Holiday to Avoid Clash With RAMADAN

A group of Swedish diplomats moved the celebration of their national holiday forward an entire month to stop the date clashing with Ramadan.

Enemedia hits Trump for staying silent on human rights while in Saudi Arabia

Now all of a sudden the enemedia cares about human rights violations in Muslim countries?

ISIS Calls for Jihadis to Copycat Times Square Attack

ISIS wants believers to get in their cars and trucks and plow into as many pedestrians as possible, in the name of allah.

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