Monday, May 15, 2017


Support Ohio State Treasurer Josh Mandel In The U.S. Senate Race For Ohio! Current Senator Sherrod Brown Continues To Put Our National Security At Extraordinary Risk And He Must Be Fired! 

   Josh Mandel
“With your help, we’ll go Washington and drain the swamp. We’ll hold D.C. politician’s feet to the fire” – Josh Mandel
As Ohio State Treasurer, Mandel forced the state to stop doing business with overpriced vendors who fleece taxpayers. His fiscal responsibility created a budget surplus in Ohio, resulting in the highest possible bond rating for the state. Josh Mandel has an extensive record of standing up to illegal immigration and putting an end to sanctuary cities. His work alone made the State of Ohio stop Cincinnati from becoming a sanctuary city that harbors illegal aliens. Conservatives must help Josh Mandel defeat Sherrod Brown!
Mandel's service to our country in Iraq has put him up close with the enemy and taught showed him the threat of Islamic terror. As a father, Mandel does not want illegal aliens in America because the security threat is too high! In fact, Mandel wishes to jail all government officials who support sanctuary cities! Josh Mandel is a man of his word and is the true conservative we need representing America! Conseratives must support Mandel and Defeat Sherrod Brown!
Sherrod Brown's outdated, liberal practices are obstructing the conservative movement and he must go. Brown has continuously worked to increase immigration, raise taxes, and outlaw private gun ownership. He wishes to abolish the 2nd amendment! If that is not enough, Sherrod Brown is also a supporter of ObamaCare, Common Core, and nearly every leftist government program around!
Josh Mandel is a true American Patriot who comes from a family of fighters. Honored to serve two tours in Iraq, he passionately fought to protect our values, freedoms and way of life. As Ohio State Treasurer, he worked to make government more transparent and is ready to take the fight to Washington. Mandel wishes to transfer the power from the politicians to the people, giving all Americans the freedom to live the life they want to live. Acknowledging the broken system of our government, Mandel will work to implement an immigration policy that secures our borders and protects citizens. Josh Mandel is not afraid to speak the truth, politically correct or not, never forgetting that America was founded on Judeo-Christian values! 
Will you help elect Josh Mandel to the U.S. Senate? He is an American hero veteran and if elected to the Senate, will fight to cut taxes, balance the budget, and defend the Second Amendment. He will also work to secure the borders and defeat ISIS!
Your Support Is Needed!

Checks can be sent to:
Conservative Liberty Coalition1624 Market StreetSuite 202Denver, CO 80202

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