Monday, May 15, 2017


Urgent: Conservative Candidate Karen Handel Is Under Fire! The Georgia Runoff Election Is A Battle Of Grassroot Conservatives Against Celebrity Liberals And Democrat Jon Ossoff Is Going ALL OUT By Running A Colossal Smear Campaign! Your Support Is Needed To Elect Karen Handel To Congress!

Karen Handel
“There were more Republicans that actually voted, or more people who voted Republican I should say, and they’re now getting behind Handel in bigger numbers. And she has now taken the lead in the race. It’s a small lead, but she has taken a small lead,” - Landmark Communications President Mark Rountree
A new WSB-TV, Landmark Communications poll shows Republican Karen Handel and Democrat Jon Ossoff are neck-and-neck in the tightly contested 6th Congressional District race. The new poll of 611 likely voters shows Handel with 49.1 percent of the vote and Ossoff with 46.5 percent. Like the previous internal Democratic poll, this recent ballot shows a virtual tie. Both polls have a ±4% margin of error and a small but significant group of undecideds. Considering the fairly conservative district, it is a surprise to have a Republican in a virtual tie six weeks before a runoff.
With a staggering 5 percent of undecided voters in the district, the seat is up in the air. A poll released last week had Karen Handel losing by 1%! Even in this new poll, the margin of error and number of undecided voters is greater than Karen Handel's lead! Conservatives must come together and elect Karen Handel as this is a referendum on President Donald Trump!

Acquiring endorsements from liberal icons such as Representative Jon Lewis has propelled Jon Ossoff's campaign. Also funded by Jane Fonda and Samuel L. Jackson, Ossoff is the celebrity's tool in dismantling the Trump Administration. Ossoff and Democrats poured over $8 million into the district already! We must fight back and not allow Jon Ossoff's smear campaign to hinder conservative momentum in Congress! 

Conservative Karen Handel wishes to make America a better place to live. If elected to Congress, she will work to build a wall on the border and end illegal immigration. Karen Handel also preaches the importance of balancing the budget and protecting the 2nd Amendment.
Karen Handel is the genuine patriot we need representing America. As the former Georgia Secretary of State, she worked to fight voter fraud and stop Atlanta leftists from stealing votes. She also cracked down on ID fraud and the issuing of state IDs to illegal immigrants. Karen Handel puts America first and is the hard working conservative we need representing our country!
Your support is needed!
Checks can be sent to:
Save the American Way1624 Market StreetSuite 202Denver, CO 80202

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