Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Urgent: The May 25th Special Election For Congress Is A Huge Bellwether! The Election Is Viewed Nationally As A Referendum On Donald Trump! Your Support For Conservative Greg Gianforte Is Vital! 
"It will absolutely be viewed by the whole country, but especially those in elected office, to figure out which way the political winds are blowing as a measure of Trump’s eroded or continued support,” Franke Wilmer, professor at Montana State University
  Greg Gianforte
A special election for Congress in Montana will be held onMay 25th to fill Ryan Zinke's seat as President Trump has appointed the former Congressman to serve as secretary of the Department of Interior. Conservatives must elect Greg Gianforte in the special election to carry out the conservative agenda. Founder of RightNow Technologies, Greg is a genuine conservative who will protect traditional American values. He advocates the importance of national security and as a private owner, strongly supports protecting the 2nd Amendment.
Greg Gianforte will work with President Trump and securing our borders will be of utmost importance if elected. Gianforte supports building a wall along the border of Mexico and an end to Muslim immigration. Greg Gianforte recognizes the threat Democrats pose to America and will do everything in his power to advance conservative momentum in Congress. Your support is needed to elect Greg Gianforte to Congress!
The Democratic nominee Rob Quist is a severe threat to Republicans in Congress. Quist, a bluegrass folk singing banjo player, has a radical vision for America that will dismantle conservative policies in Congress. His agenda will significantly jeopardize our national security because he wishes to grant amnesty to all illegal immigrants and outlaw private gun ownership! He also is a huge advocate for abortion and a single-payer healthcare system. Rob Quist does not deserve to represent America! We cannot let this radical liberal cripple the conservative movement!
May 25th is fast approaching and conservatives nationwide must act as this is an early referendum on President Trump. If the Democrats win, the party will gain tremendous momentum for upcoming Congressional elections. We must not allow Democrats to hinder the conservative agenda in Congress! Your support is needed to elect Greg Gianforte to congress!

Checks can be sent to:
Conservative Liberty Coalition1624 Market StreetSuite 202Denver, CO 80202

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