Tuesday, May 2, 2017


Liberal May Day Revelers Chant “Kill Trump, Kill Pence”!

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Former Democrat Congressman says Party’s Extreme Abortion Position is Losing them Voters 

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We Need To Have a Talk About Black Mob Violence 

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Speaker of the House Paul Ryan Promises Funding Fight for Border Wall this Summer 
Dirty Jobs’ Mike Rowe Mocks Store for Selling “Pre-Dirtied” Jeans 
MSNBC Intimates that President Trump is Insane 
A Successful First 100 Days 
Ben Stein Rips the Unfair Media Coverage of President Trump 
House Conservatives are Almost Unanimous in Support of New Obamacare Repeal Bill, but Moderates Holding Out 
“It was an Invasion!” How Hungary Ended Flood of Illegal Immigration in Just a Few Months 
The Politics of Prayer – is it a Republican/Democrat Thing? 
Save Liberty, Shut the Government Down and End the Welfare State 
Democrat Party Leader Voices Strong Support of Anti-Semite America Basher 

Famous Hollywood Director says there are “Superior Beings” Out There Somewhere 
It’s the End of the World as We Know It… or Maybe Not 
News You Can Use for May 2, 2017 
Shock Report: Christian Orphans Tortured in North Korea, Christians Brutally Beaten in Pakistan 
Must Watch: Cuban Man Embarrasses Government Disrupts May Day Parade by Waving American Flag! 
Stabbing Rampage at the University of Texas 1 Dead, 3 Injured 
Japan Sends Unprecedented Force to Assist U.S. with North Korea 
Oscar Winning Director Interviews Putin, Declares Russia-Trump Connection Totally Bogus 
War on First Responders Returns To Dallas, One Fireman in Critical Condition 
Could Trump Shake Up Wall Street With Massive Bank Breakup? 
North Korea Threatens That Nuclear Test Could Happen “At Any Time” 
Road Blocking Protest Plans Hit Major Traffic Jam in North Carolina 
On ABC, Liberals and Conservatives Agree, Free Speech Must be Defended 
Barack “Show Me the Money” Obama 
President Trump calls First 100 Days “Most Successful” in American History

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