Monday, May 29, 2017


On Memorial Day, remember those who didn't make it home.

Today a great number of us will spend the day at a barbecue by the pool, enjoying a beautiful Las Vegas day with our friends and families. However, the reason Americans get to enjoy days like this, is because so many other Americans will be spending tomorrow visiting veteran’s cemeteries, bringing flowers and laying wreaths on the true heroes of our society—the men and women who gave their lives in defense of liberty.
While I am happy to celebrate days that honor our fallen Soldiers for their extraordinary sacrifice of protecting our country, I never feel that we should limit our support for our heros to a few days a year, but rather we should demonstrate our love and respect 365 days a year.  The debt we owe them and their families who stand alongside them, cannot be paid back by merely recognizing them on holidays.  So please take this day to acknowledge their dedication and sacrifices, then next week when you see a Soldier in the supermarket thank them for their service, or a month from now if you see a military family having dinner pick up their check if you can or visit a Veteran’s cemetery and drop off some flowers.
As always, this email will be on my Facebook Page  I am asking you to please go to my page and comment with a picture and post some information about your loved one who made the ultimate sacrifice for this nation, so that they may be honored and remembered by all of us.
With all my love,

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