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Student Shares Video Critical Of Islam, Gets Fired From College Newspaper

College campuses are on the forefront of this totalitarian movement.

WARNING: Muslim gang targeting lone female drivers at traffic lights

Preying on young women alone in their cars at night. How bloody frightening. This is the new normal. You must show how evolved and tolerant you are by acquiescing to the age of the primitive in the wake of the hijrah.

Detroit School to Hold ‘Muslim Girls Only’ Prom

Didn't hundreds of thousands march against segregation? It seems the left and the civil rights movement have come full circle.

Sharia in New Jersey: Gov. Chris Christie vetoes child marriage ban

Gov. Chris Christie stood in opposition that would have banned all underage marriage citing religious freedom.

AIPAC Absent on Key Pro-Israel Effort Despite Claims of Support #Jewidical

There is no greater epic failure of American Jewish leadership, and the field is sadly overcrowded, than than the ailing behemoth AIPAC.

Donald Trump Threatens to Stop Holding Press Briefings

President Donald Trump threatened to stop holding press conferences during an angry Twitter post about the "fake news."

James Comey: Not Just Incompetent, But He Placed American Lives at Risk

BI Director James Comey was incompetent and as FBI Director, his policies placed the lives of American citizens at risk. An in-depth look at his record as FBI Director reveals an incredible naivety toward the Islamic terror threat and a willingness to appease radical Muslims at the expense of protesting Americans.

Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu Denounces New York Times for ‘Fake News’

Benajmin Netanyahu, prime minister of Israel, denounced the New York Times for fake news.

Muslim Students in Australia Threaten to Behead Teacher

A teacher in Australia said her Muslim students, even ones as young as 10 years old, threatened to behead her.

Asia Bibi Supreme Court appeal fast-track revoked! Young Muslim medic turned terrorist may yet be exonerated despite attempting to blow up church.

In what is now being referred to as Pakistan's version of the 'Barrabas exchange,' two women are caught up in attempts to prevent their death by hanging for alleged criminal offences.

51 year old Pastor given life imprisonment for alleged blasphemous text message

A Christian man of 51 years has been sentenced to life imprisonment for allegedly sending out blasphemous texts in Pakistan. Christian NGO’s up and down the country are galled by the decision to prosecute Mr Zafar Bhatti under section 295c of Pakistan’s Penal Code, a decision they say is due to an Islamic bias that...

Pakistan’s police refuse to emancipate kidnapped and tortured Christian ex-brick kiln slave

A 35 year old Christian former slave has been kidnapped and tortured by his ex-master who is seeking a large ransom for lost revenue despite the family alleging they paid off the loan they borrowed.

Hospital in Lahore forces minority paramedics to recite Quranic verses

Paramedic staff at a Government run hospital in Lahore have been forced to recite Quranic verses daily or face losing their employment.

ACLU Lawyer Says Travel Ban ‘Could Be Constitutional’ if Enacted by Hillary Clinton

ACLU Lawyer Omar Jadwat, arguing against President Trump’s travel ban before the Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals on Monday, admitted that the same exact travel ban “could be” constitutional if it were enacted by Hillary Clinton.

Netanyahu Slams CNN, NYT Reporting on Hamas as ‘Fake News’

"Is moving from calling for genocide of all Jews to calling just for the annihilation of Israel, is that progress or moderation?" Netanyahu asked. "Only if you have no standards whatsoever."

FRIDAY: Pamela Geller on Sean Hannity Radio Show and Curt Shilling Sirius Breitbart

Don't miss my segments today on Curt Schilling's radio show for Breitbart and Sean Hannity this afternoon discussing our protest with hatemonger and antisemite Linda Sarsour

Australia: Muslim teen accused of fatally stabbing service station worker segregated for ‘threatening to rape and murder prison guards in the name of Allah’

A teenager accused of fatally stabbing a service station worker in an 'ISIS inspired' attack has been segregated for allegedly threatening to rape and kill a prison guard 'in the name of Allah'.

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