Saturday, May 13, 2017


BJ3: Was all in line with the planned repeal of net neutrality...Trump campaign changes website privacy policy after inquiries     The newly redesigned website for President Donald Trump's 2020 presidential campaign made an about-face on its privacy policyWednesday after questions arose about its collection of data on users' locations.  The new website, which launched Tuesday morning, promised "to provide, unique, behind the scenes view," according to a Trump campaign press release. But tucked away in the website was a new privacy policy detailing the range of user data it would collect, CBS News reported Wednesday. (Disclosure: CBS is the parent company of CNET.).....
===============                                    Sanctuary on steroids: Brooklyn’s DA orders prosecutors to stop charging illegal aliens
From: sherzieve.....I pray they do and that there are a lot of them....From: "doug walk"...(The biggest problem for Pres. Trump is the lying antagonist MSM)...
FBI Agents Furious With Comey Ready to Come Forward: 'They Are Going to Talk'....."Comey’s firing will start the healing process for the entire bureau as many agents are furious with his handling of the Hillary Clinton email scandal and how he didn’t suggest the Justice Department prosecute her over her mishandling of classified information."

From: Sher Zieve    From: "doug walk" (A note to congress:  Build the wall "NOW")
‘If People Knew What Was Happening in Mexico, They'd Have Called for a Wall a Long Time Ago': Intelligence Source
"I had a person from Mexico once tell me that for each body found, there are two more that nobody finds. Mexico is and has been the number one deadliest country for more than a decade. The official numbers reported are lower than reality.  If people knew what was happening inside of Mexico, they would have called for a border wall and big gate long before now."

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