Thursday, May 11, 2017


 Today's Top Stories

Millions of Pakistanis receive “blasphemy” warning texts

Islam in the 21th century. Savage ideology in the age of technology. At this rate, Europeans can expect text messages like this in the future.
It's why Western elites and enemedia sharia advocates blamed us when jihadists tried to kill us all in Garland, Texas. It's why the FBI did nothing to stop it.

Hungary Takes EU To Court Over Migrant Demands

The Eastern European nations that refuse to destroy their countries will be the only places of refuge and sanctuary for infidel refuseniks in the coming bloody wars.

Freedom lovers EAT #Pizzahut! #Buycott #RT

Here's a good reason to order Pizzahut today. The Muslim world is in a frenzy (what else is new?) because a notorious terrorist who was pretending to be on a hunger strike (but secretly eating) was mocked on Facebook. Eat Pizzahut today! Send me your receipt that your ordered and I'll send you something from our store

From Bavaria to Berlin, Police launch massive raids nationwide against Islamic State Muslims

Always playing catch up - the German police appear fully occupied in the search for the jihad army now in occupation there.
Notwithstanding the danger created by allowing a tide of Islam's footsoldiers to flood over Germany, Chancellor Merkel looks set to win the Federal Election this coming September. It just goes to show - you only have to fool some of the people at just the right time.

Forward writer: “I’m A Zionist And A Feminist. I Stand With Linda Sarsour.” #judenrat

Is anyone surprised? If you know the “Jewish” Forward, you wouldn’t be.

VIDEO: Muslim attacking cross at church in Austria

These stories never make it to the English-speaking media, for obvious reasons. They will not report on any news that reflects poorly on Islam. Self-enforcing sharia in the mainstream.

Garland cover-up among major FBI scandals on Comey’s watch

The FBI has refused to comment on why the agent on the scene did not intervene during the attack.

Hamas-CAIR claims 57% jump in hate crimes against Muslims in 2016

Anything negative that ever happens to a Muslim is now an anti-Muslim hate crime.

Some Muslim women are ENRAGED over catwalk hijabs

The West is always evil, no matter what.

Trump Mocks ‘Cryin’ Chuck Schumer for Switching Positions on Comey

President Donald Trump had some harsh words for Sen. Chuck Schumer, who hypocritally dared to criticize the firing of the FBI's James Comey.

Czech Girl Scout: If I Get Raped by Migrants, I’ll Get Over It

A girl scout in the Czech Republic says she's aware of the dangers brought on by mass Muslim immigration -- and that if she's raped, she'll simply "get over it."

Pakistan PM Accused of Taking Money from Bin Laden to Fund Jihad

The prime minister of Pakistan has been accused of taking money from bin Laden to help fund jihad.

Muslim murderer dismembered his victims’ bodies and transported them in suitcases by bus

This Muslim migrant had a history of crimes before he murdered and chopped up his victims. Why wasn't he deported after the first crime?

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