Thursday, May 11, 2017


With Comey Out, Could Clinton Be Back in FBI Crosshairs?

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College Lacrosse Team Chooses Entrance That Makes Liberals See Red

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Yet Another Hate Hoax Revealed as Race War Instigators Grow Bolder

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Don’t Believe the Hype: Most Millennials DON’T Support Constitutional Rights 
Spicer Out? White House Sources Reveal Spokesman on The Chopping Block 
Kellyanne Conway Calls Out Blatant Sexism of Anderson Cooper’s Eye Roll 
Texas Professor Promoted Radicalized Racial Segregation and White Genocide 
CIA Gets Serious on North Korea with New, Covert Outpost 
Liberal Hypocrites use Jesus to Defend Obamacare 
The Reason FBI Director Comey was Fired 
News You Can Use for May 11, 2017 
Obamacare Takes Major Hit From AETNA, Downward Spiral Continues 
New Study Writes Epitaph For American Culture, Individuality 

New South Korean Leader Upsets Liberals with Warm Feelings Toward Trump 
Campus Snowflakes Disrespect DeVos, College Pres. Threatens to Cancel Graduation 
John Oliver Blasts Trump Over Tax Cuts – Uses Trump Tax Cuts On $9.5M Apartment 
Woman Advocates For Female-Only Maternity Leave…Without Having Children 
Study Shows How Many Refugees Are Being Investigated For Terrorism – It’s TERRIFYING 
Kanye West Not The Only Celebrity Eyeing White House Run 
So-called “Deradicalization” Muslim Religious Leader Arrested for Being a Terrorist 
Take a Breath – The Comey Firing was No Big Deal 
Democrat Hypocrisy made Clear in Comey Firestorm 
The Michael Flynn “Scandal” is a Nothingburger 
Democrats: Still trying to Sell the Same Ol’ Lies! 
Thanks, POTUS, For Breaking-Up The Annual Correspondents’ Dinner Fiasco 
Truer Words Never Spoken: Obama says “You get the Politicians You Deserve” 
Comey Out 
Buzz Aldrin has an Epic Plan for Colonizing Mars by 2020 

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