Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Today's Top Stories

DATE/TIME CHANGE! CUNY Sarsour Protest Moved to MAY 25TH AT CUNY Offices

The fact that the commencement address is on Shavuot is another reason CUNY should cancel Sarsour and re-schedule the commencement. What are Jewish students supposed to do? They either violate their holiday or miss their graduation.

Trump Reveals First Slate of Judicial Nominees

President Donald Trump has released his first slate of judicial nominees.

Christian Pastor in Pakistan Sentenced to Life in Prison for Supposed Blasphemous Texts

A Christian pastor in Pakistan was just sentenced to life in prison for supposedly sending around blasphemous texts,

Survey Shows Muslim Men By and Large Approve of Honor Killing Wives

A new survey shows a shockingly large percentage of Muslim men actually approve of wife-beating, wife-raping, wife-killing.

More Muslim Migrant Gunmen Arrested in Minnesota

Late last week, I reported on the wild spike in refugee violence in refugee resettlement cities such as Rochester, Minnesota. Somali Muslim drive-by shootings are now the "new normal" in Rochester, Minnesota.

Professor: House GOP ‘should be lined up and shot’

An Art Institute of Washington professor recently declared that House Republicans “should be lined up and shot."

Devout Muslims who SHOT STATE TROOPER TO DEATH quoted Quran during killing

Here again is another important news story getting no coverage from the enemedia. A Delaware state trooper was fatally gunned down outside of a convenience store by devout Muslims reciting quotes from the Quran
Any reports of this cold blooded killing has all references to Islam, Quran, and motive scrubbed from the reportage.

Islamic supremacists will wreck France’s weak consensus

Macron was the perfect candidate of the liberal consensus and global progressivism.

Dartmouth Appoints Jew-Hating BDS Leader as Head of Faculty

The pro-Israel community at Dartmouth College is reeling following a decision by school leadership to appoint as their new head of faculty a leading supporter of the movement to boycott Israel and Jewish academics.

Former Obama DHS Official On ISIS Slaughtering Egyptian Christians: ‘What Goes Around, Comes Around’

A former Obama administration official at the Department of Homeland Security said Sunday that when it comes to the Islamic State slaughtering Egyptian Christians, “what goes around, comes around.”

Macron nixes French national anthem & walks out to EU SONG after win: ‘I’ll defend Europe!’

Macron chose the EU’s Anthem of Europe as he walked out to make a victory speech, not the French National Anthem.

Gingrich: Comedians today are “so enraged at Donald Trump that they can’t be funny”

Newt Gingrich identified a major problem with late-night comedians, asserting that they are too angry with President Trump to be funny.

Russia: Imam gets 3 years in prison for justifying terrorism

If the Friday sermons of imams in the West were monitored, there would be prosecutions like this all over Europe and North America.

ISIS Leader in Egypt Warns Muslims to Avoid Christian Gatherings

The leader of the Islamic State militant group (ISIS) in Egypt has told Muslims to avoid Christian gatherings, pointing to the possibility of further attacks against Christians in the country after two suicide bombings that killed dozens last month.

Route to ISIS stronghold Raqa dotted with discarded veils

Dozens of black veils dotted a freshly laid sand berm in northern Syria, ditched by women fleeing the Islamic State group's bastion of Raqa as US-backed fighters close in.

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