Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Obama DHS Official on Egypt’s Christian Genocide: “What Goes Around Comes Around”

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Colorado Teacher makes Trump Piñata – has Students Destroy It

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Vetting Muslims before They Enter America: Answers We Must Seek with Respect to Islam’s Heart of Darkness 

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Senator Lindsey Graham says Obama DNI Clapper “Contradicted” Himself about Surveillance of Trump 
Trump Didn’t Win because of Comey or Russia – He Won because of the Culture War 
Actor Antonio Sabato Jr. is Running for Congress in California and He Needs Your Help 
Hollywood Liberal and Bernie Sanders Supporter says Steve Bannon has “Great Character” and “Is Not a Racist” 
Democrats still Demagoguing on Healthcare 
Did Obama DNI James Clapper Commit Perjury on Monday? 
University grants Final Exam Extensions based on Students Race/Ethnicity 
Paula White says President Trump’s Faith “has Deepened” in Office 
In Alabama, GOP Blackballing Supporters of Judge Roy Moore 
The Results are In: Why did Hillary Clinton Lose?

There is No Such thing as “Greenhouse Gasses” 
News You Can Use for May 9, 2017 
Pennsylvania Democrat Voters say the Democrat Party is Lost and Delusional 
North Korean State Television Accuses the USA of an Assassination Attempt 
Russian Chess Champ Garry Kasparov says Putin wants a Bad Relationship with the USA 
Conservative Congressman Explains His Vote for AHCA, a Bill He Hates 
Is there such a thing as a “Good” Government Shutdown? 
Iran’s Latest Weapon Technology Gets Workout in Strait of Hormuz 

Colorado Teacher Suspended After Encouraging Student Violence Against Trump 
North Korean Satellites Could Provide Massive Surprise Attack On U.S. 
Politically Correct Twerps Chastise Chris Pratt For Asinine Reason 
French Election Signals More Terror 
The Pandora’s Box of Preemptive War 
President Trump lays out His Plan to Revive the American Economy by Cutting Taxes, Spending, and Regulations 
President Trump’s Executive Order on Refugees Back on Trial this Week

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