Monday, May 1, 2017

FREEDOM OUTPOST 05/01/2017 UNIVERSITY STUDENT PENALIZED FOR USING THE WORD 'MAN' !!! (would he fail for using the word 'foolish' as he identified his professor?)

Donald Trump: I'm Looking t Breaking Up Big Banks

University Student Penalized Because He Used The Word "Man" In His Essay 
Lawsuit Against DHS Demands Release of Jeh Johnson's Emails 
Kim Jong Un Threatens To Sink U.S. Aircraft Carrier If It Gets Any Closer To North Korea 
Dr. Mary Gatter of Planned Parenthood Caught Again Haggling Over Selling Baby Parts! 
Indicted Former Democrat Representative Corrine Brown Faces Trial For Corruption 

Christians Driven out of Military - then Military used to Persecute Christians! 
Economic Demise Breeds Public Unrest 
President Trump’s Executive Order on Promoting Agriculture and Rural Property in America 
New Sheriff at the FCC Will Undo Net Neutrality 
Democratic Party: The New Socialist/Communist Party 
Investigators: Former Head Of DC Schools Gave Preferential Treatment To Officials 
Draconian Laws Passed in Major Cities Making Homelessness a Crime 
Planned Parenthood Killed His Sister, Now He’s Fighting for All Women
VA Removes Shreveport Medical Center Director Over Misconduct 
20 Amazing Facts About What Happens Every Single Minute Of Every Single Day In Our Rapidly Changing World 

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