Monday, May 1, 2017


Must See: Dramatic Video of Good Samaritans in Texas Saving Two Babies from Drowning in Overturned SUV 

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Hollywood Legend Rips Liberals for Undermining Free Speech, Weakening Border Security, and Ignoring the Constitution 

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Climate Change March Shut Down in Denver Due to Inclement Weather 

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Oscar Winning Director Interviews Putin, Declares Russia-Trump Connection Totally Bogus 
War on First Responders Returns To Dallas, One Fireman in Critical Condition 
Could Trump Shake Up Wall Street With Massive Bank Breakup? 
North Korea Threatens That Nuclear Test Could Happen “At Any Time” 
Road Blocking Protest Plans Hit Major Traffic Jam in North Carolina 
On ABC, Liberals and Conservatives Agree, Free Speech Must be Defended 
Barack “Show Me the Money” Obama 
President Trump calls First 100 Days “Most Successful” in American History 
On May 1st Remind Liberals of the Evils and Horrors Wrought by Communism and Socialism 
Julian Assange Unchained: There is a War on Truth 

Mexico Calls Planned border Wall a “Hostile” and “Deeply Unfriendly” Act 
How Today’s Leftists are Nazi Collaborators 
Muslim Female Genital Mutilation is NOT Protected by the 1st Amendment or the RFRA 
News You Can Use for May 1, 2017 
Updated! “Suspicious Devices” found in New York City Shuts Down Times Square and Major Roads 
EPA Website Gets Major Overhaul, Yanks Climate Change Hoax Info 
The Circus Comes to North Dakota: Creepy Clown and Snake Handler Frighten Children 
North Korea Lashing Out At YET ANOTHER U.S. Ally…This One’s A Doozy 
French Presidential Candidate Goes Full Globalist, Suggests Sanctions Over Refugees 
Arab-Israeli Peace Summit Sullied by Islamic Intransigence 
Who Is Protecting Your Information On The Internet? 
New Report says China has Warned North Korea to Stop Testing Nukes 
How America’s Black Population was Duped into Embracing Political Slavery
Israel is the Only Reason Syria Doesn’t have Nukes 
News You Can Use for April 30, 2017 

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