Sunday, April 16, 2017


‘Mad Dog’ Making First Official Visit to Israel; CLICK HERE for Latest Israel News!
United with Israel Why does America’s largest cell carrier call Israel ‘Palestine?’ Amazing Footage of the Dead Sea; Unusual Passover Message: Eat Bread!
Act of Kindness Results in Brutal Murder of Caring Young British Student in Jerusalem
Trump: Israel is a ‘Monument to Faith and Endurance’, Jews are an 'Incredible People'
WATCH: Monkeys at Israeli Park Eat Matzoh on Passover!
‘Mad Dog’ Mattis making first official visit to Israel
WATCH: Extraordinary Footage of the Dead Sea
US, China discuss North Korean aggression
Palestinian terrorists convicted of murdering US tourist in Israel charged in US
WATCH: ‘This is a season of great hope,’ Trump says in holiday greeting
Why does America’s largest cell carrier call Israel ‘Palestine?’
WATCH: MS-13 gang worse than ISIS?
Non-Israeli to Light Independence Day Torch for 1st Time
A Rabbi’s Unusual Passover Message: ‘Eat Bread and Save Jews’
WATCH: Wild Imagination and Robots Tell the Passover Story!
Spiritual Cleaning for Passover
WATCH: A Passover Horseradish Explosion!
The Sarajevo Haggadah: A 663-Year-Old Story that Inspires!
WATCH: Jewish Rapper’s Hit Shows Longing for True Freedom and Redemption

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