Sunday, April 16, 2017


Police Ordered to Stand Down in Berkeley, Left Trump Supporters Out for The Leftist Wolves

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Trump Has Stern Message for Anti-President Protestors Demanding Tax Returns

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North Korea’s Embarrassing Missile Fail Temporarily Calms Regional Tensions

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Mexican Cartels Schock Resort Town with Unfathomable Violence
War On Christianity Heats Up Around the Globe Due to Easter Celebrations
Facebook Rolls Out New “False News” Reporting Option
United States Accused by North Korea of Cyber-Thwarting Missile Test
Liberal Comedienne Loses Her Mind Over Trump Taxes at Rally
Trump Supporters Clash with Antifa in Berkeley, California
Is Terrorism the Gravest Threat to our Religious Liberty?
Life on Saturn’s Moons?
Who Rolled Away that Stone?
News You Can Use for April 16, 2017

Donald Trump Slated To Be First Commander in Chief Since Reagan To…
Iran Flexes Rhetoric, Defies The Notion That U.S. Could “Harm” Them
America’s Newest Nuke Passes Latest Test
France’s Terror Problem WAY Bigger Than Previously Thought
VIDEO: Help The U.S. Government Reorganize and Streamline
MOAB Death Toll Continues to Climb, ISIS Dealt Massive Blow
Threats of World War III Create Boom in Doomsday Bunker Business
North Korea Displays Military Might After Threatening U.S.
The Official Trailer for Star Wars: the Last Jedi is Here!
Obama’s Former Secretary of Defense says Not Abiding by Red Lines sends a Message of Weakness
What would happen if North Korea Launches a Nuclear Weapon?
New Book Uncovers the Bullying, Fighting, and Insanity from the Clinton Campaign
Saying Goodbye to Dan Rooney
News You Can Use for April 15, 2017
Conservative Pundit says there is No Hope – Democrats will Never Work with Trump

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