Friday, April 28, 2017


Watchdog groups filed complaints against a Georgia Congressman who used taxpayer money to campaign for Jon Ossoff, the Democrat in Georgia's special election. We must fight back and defeat the far left! 

Jon Ossoff will do anything to win. He misled voters about his experience and lied about his top security clearance. Now we find out Rep. Hank Johnson, his former boss pictured above with him at an anti-Trump rally, is using taxpayer money for his campaign.
This is illegal and clearly written into Congressional rules. But Hank Johnson is a radical far left Congressman who will do anything to get his former aide elected. Remember Jon Ossoff was the top adviser to Mr. Johnson on foreign policy, including when Johnson called Israeli Jews "termites" and praised the Muslim Brotherhood.
We now are learning more about Jon Ossoff. According to a local paper he grew up in a wealthy family, flying around the coutry in a private plane and cruising in a million dollar yacht. "The child of privilege" as the local paper called him, then opened a foreign business with his family money, never paying American taxes.
His foreign company even did business with notorious anti-American and pro-Jihadi TV network Al Jazeera. This is the business experience Ossoff talks about, working for a TV network that aired Osama Bin Laden propaganda. Ossoff is the leftist dream candidate!
This race is an uphill battle. Ossoff has already raised millions of dollars more than the Republican. Outside money from Hollywood and liberal politicians are flowing into Georgia. Leftist Hollywood celebrities like Jane Fonda, Samuel L Jackson and Chelsea Handler are raising large sums and using their celebrity to help Ossoff.
Republican Karen Handel is the conservative running to beat Ossoff. She is the former Georgia Secretary of State and County Commissioner in the Atlanta area.
Here is a short bio of her accomplishments:
"Karen Handel is a life-long conservative who built her career on delivering results in both the public and private sectors.
As Chairman of the Fulton County Board of Commissioners, Karen quickly turned a $100 million deficit into a balanced budget. As Georgia’s first elected Republican Secretary of State, Karen led the state’s implementation of photo ID for voting, which became the national model for the law."
She is an experienced leader who knows how to balance a budget and implement laws that help her state.
Handel is also known for her pro-life values which make her a target for the left. She led her breast cancer organization to defund Planned Parenthood over their abortion practices. Liberals eventually got her fired for this action, but she showed how to stand up to leftist bullies. 

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