Friday, April 28, 2017


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Armed police SHOOT woman terrorist during anti-terror raid in London – four other jihadis arrested

More of the day-to-day progress of the war that dares not speak its name.

Report: Detroit Muslim FGM-Doctor Mutilated Girls Far Worse Than She Admits

The gruesome practice of female genital mutilation is at record highs and on the rise in America, due to the influx of Muslim immigrants.

Landlord must pay Muslim couple $12,000 for failing to accommodate their religious practices

The small landlord who rented out the main floor of his Brampton home to a Muslim couple must pay them $12,000 for failing to accommodate their religious practices when showing their apartment to prospective tenants.

Thousands of Muslims rally in Ramallah for destruction of Israel #CancelSarsour

This is the hate that Sarsour rose to power on. Go to

Muslim arrested for jihad terror attack plot on UK Parliament #smirk

The evil smirk tells you everything you need to know about Islamic supremacism.

Portland, Oregon: Organizers cancel 82nd Avenue of Roses Parade, after protesters threaten to shut it down over Republican participation

This year's parade was once again set to feature the Multnomah County Republican Party as one of the many groups slated to march, but that inclusion drew ire from some of the city's left-leaning protest groups.

British Muslim issues YouTube death threat to critics of Islam

The only thing more dangerous than these threats and the accompanying bloodshed is the West's submission to the demands.

Trump Tax Reform Plan Reduces Seven Tax Brackets to Three

President Donald Trump's tax reform proposal will simplify the tax code and encourage economic growth by reducing the number of tax brackets and eliminating certain taxes, according to White House chief economic adviser Gary Cohn.

Left-Fascist Savages Triumph: ‘Hate Speech’ Hysteria Wins Again In Berkeley

If hate speech eventually becomes a crime in America, its justification won’t be based on Constitutional grounds or really any historical precedent in this country. It will be all about how a diverse society like ours needs it in order to defend protected classes from opinions they don’t like. The scary thought is that argument might be enough for lawmakers to enact legislation to outlaw hate speech.It hardly needs to be stated that such a measure would be a slippery slope to penalizing a whole range of opinions that run afoul of the powers that be and negate the whole purpose of having free speech.

French Presidential Front-Runner Macron Against Arresting and Deporting “Radical Islamists”

En Marche presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron slammed Marine Le Pen’s proposal to arrest radical Islamists saying it would be counter-productive to intelligence efforts.

Pakistani government sheltering al-Qaeda chief Zawahiri

Pakistan’s Inter-Services Intelligence agency (ISI) has been protecting the Egyptian-born al-Zawahiri, a trained surgeon, since U.S. forces evicted Al-Qaeda from Afghanistan in late 2001.

Michigan: Muslim doctor held for performing female genital mutilation is wife of mosque leader

Nagarwala’s husband, Moiz Nagarwala, is listed as a leader of the Farmington Hills mosque, according to the mosque’s password-protected website, and records list him as having served as joint treasurer.

#CancelSarsour Controversy Over Pro-Sharia Jew-Hater Linda Sarsour Giving CUNY Commencement Speech Reaches NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand

Jewish leaders and pro-Israel activists have expressed concern over a contribution to Time Magazine by New York Democratic Senator Kirsten Gillibrand that praised Linda Sarsour – a Palestinian-American political activist and vocal advocate for the Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement targeting Israel.

Donald Trump to 9th Circuit Court: “See You In the Supreme Court!’

President Donald Trump set the Ninth Circuit Court on notice, telling the left-leaning judges in a tweet that he planned on seeing them at the Supreme Court level.

Marine Le Pen Surges Over Macron in Latest Poll

Marine Le Pen has seen a surge of sorts in recent polls, due to voter anger with her leading contender, Emmanuel Macron.

Toronto Sun Columnist on ISIS Hit List for Islam Coverage Saved by Police

A Toronto, Canada, columnist who was placed on a hit list by ISIS was saved by police.

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