Saturday, April 22, 2017


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Washington DC Judge Revokes Jihadi’s Citizenship

Citing immigration irregularities and numerous lies on various applications the US government has revoked the citizenship of a suspected al Qaeda terrorist. This is excellent news and should be done with every Muslim who has been convicted of jihad terror activity here or abroad.

Serb Officials Warn Of Another War In The Balkans

Serbian officials warned on Friday of another war in the Balkans if Albanians try to form a joint state with Kosovo in the war-weary European region and the West does not reject such a plan.

Coltrane and Davis in Paris on an open thread

“Coltrane plays in such a demented, brilliant way that we stay paralyzed in our seats” writes Pierre Fallan of Arts.

Expert: ‘We Have Lost the Christian Presence in Libya’

This is the horror of 21st century denial and dhimmitude. While the West prostrates itself in the cause of Islam and instead flogs fake anti-Muslim stories, whole peoples and religious minorities are being annihilated in the cause of Allah.

West Virginia middle school teacher teaches wearing ‘Tuck Frump’ shirt in class

Treason in the classroom. I have one word for Americans - Homeschool. If that's not an option, get active. Get on school boards, fight!Call: Sherman Junior High School Principal: Matt RiggsPhone: (304) 837-3694

Pro-Islamic State (ISIS) note found near body of Paris Muslim terrorist who opened fire, killing police officer, wounding two others

While the police and the government officials are still scratching their heads over the motive in the Paris jihad attack on police officers on the Champs Elysees, the devout Muslim who opened fire on the crowded promenade was good enough to leave them a note. The elites will of course, deny it and say he didn't mean it, or that he "misunderstood" Islam. And the enemedia won't report on it.

Obama’s CIA Director John Brennan CONSPIRED with Foreign Spies AGAINST Donald Trump

In a just world, Obama and his quisling admin would be indicted for treason The whole motley crew.

Vicious antisemitic sharia advocate to give CUNY commencement speech

The media adores the Islamic supremacist bigot and rabid anti-Semite, Linda Sarsour, who wields her religion like a club. and now she has been tapped to give commencement address at a public NY college.

French Presidential Favorite Macron: Terrorism ‘Part of Our Daily Lives for Years to Come’ After Paris Shooting

The vote in France is coming down to one critical question; will the French submit and capitualte to Islamic terror and supremacism or will they fight for France?I predict this is the nail in the coffin for Macron. No pun intended.No free society "lives with terrorism." They surrender.

Dutch police shoot machete-wielding Muslim shouting ‘Allah akbar’

No matter how much the enemedia spins the beauty of Islam, or the Pope along with political elites insist that Islam is peace, everyone knows that shouts of Allahu akbar mean one thing: violence and brutality.

Jake Tapper: Press Was ‘Very Friendly’ to Obama, Many Drank ‘The Kool-Aid’

CNN host Jake Tapper accused the mainstream media of being too friendly with former President Barack Obama during his administration.

Egypt Releases American Aid Worker From Prison After Trump Strikes A Deal

Egypt has released an Egyptian American woman who was imprisoned in Cairo for several years after Donald Trump struck a deal with the Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi.

Pakistan: Female medical student turned jihad homicide bomber planned thwarted Easter Sunday attack on church

A female would-be suicide bomber who had pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group had planned to carry out an attack on a church in Lahore on Easter Sunday, a military spokesman said Monday.Noreen Leghari, a second year medical student, is in army custody after being captured during a raid overnight Friday that left four soldiers wounded and her male accomplice dead.

“Moderate” Indonesia: Gay couple BEATEN on video before vigilantes hand them over to religious police

Video captures the moment two gay men are assaulted by Indonesian vigilantes who caught them having sex and then turned them over to religious police.

Life insurance for jihad murderers? America’s 1st Somali Muslim legislator says YES

She was one of only two members of the Minnesota State House to vote against a bill that would allow life insurance companies to deny payouts to the beneficiaries of terrorists who die in violent attacks on Americans.

Donald Trump: Paris Terror ‘Will Have a Big Effect on Presidential Election’

President Donald Trump said the Paris terror strikes would most likely have a significant effect on France's presidential elections, which are about to wrap.

Senate leader investigating possible FBI deception about Garland, Texas terror attack

A powerful U.S. senator has launched an investigation into whether the FBI knew about a planned attack by ISIS-inspired terrorists at an anti-Muslim cartoon show in the Dallas area and did nothing to stop it -- and also misled the lawmaker about circumstances of the 2015 attack.

New York Times Outed for Anti-Trump, Pro-Obama Bias With White House Pics

The New York Times was outed on social media, and by President Donald Trump, for skewing a photograph to make his administration appear in a poor light, when compared with Barack Obama.

Marine Le Pen, Post-Paris Terror, Vows to Voters to Restore France Borders

Marine Le Pen, who's been calling for curbs to immigration for months now, told voters, post-Paris terror attack, that if she were elected president, she would restore borders.

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