Sunday, April 23, 2017


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Saturday Night Cinema: Brief Encounter

"We can't do such violence to our hearts and minds."

Paris police arrest knife-wielding Muslim at Gare du Nord

Passengers flee in panic as knife-wielding man is tackled by police at Paris' Gare du Nord

Muslim “not criminally responsible” in attempted BEHEADING/MURDER of firefighter

A devout Muslim attempted to behead a firefighter as he furiously stabbed his head at a cafe in Canada. Law enforcement officials and most obviously this judge are befuddled by the motive because to assign any religious motivation to this Islamic ritual would be "Islamophobic" and "racist" (even though Islam is not a race).

CAIR vs SEIU: Battle of the BULLIES

The notorious hard-left labor union, SEIU, has for years been the running dogs for terror-tied Islamic supremacists like CAIR who seek to impose sharia regulations in the workplace for years. Now they are suing CAIR. This is getting good

Outraged Muslims to March Against Amazon Over Muslim Prayer Breaks

“Amazon provided us with a prayer room. … I pray in the room here. Amazon helped us by providing prayer rooms across the building.”And still it's not enough. Further proof of what I have explained for years. Accommodation to Muslim demands gives way to more demands, more submission.

Trump frees Muslim Brotherhood operative from an Egyptian prison

Earlier this week, I applauded the news that an Egyptian American woman who was imprisoned in Cairo for several years was freed after Donald Trump struck a deal with the Egyptian President Abdel Fatah al-Sissi.But now it turns out she is Muslim Brotherhood.Who told him this would be a good idea?Who, in the Trump adminsitration vetted her? If it had a smell to it why touch it? Too many others without questions should be released. There are or were several Christian leaders in jail in Egypt for converting from Islam etc

Trump: I Will Release Plan With ‘MASSIVE’ Tax Cuts Next Week

President Donald Trump told the Associated Press on Friday that he will release a tax reform package next week that will include "massive" tax cuts for businesses and individuals.

The Greatest Threat to America

I have often said that Islam could never have been successful and made the deleterious inroads in the West without the partnership, aid and assistance of the left. The left made it possible to Islamic supremacists to infiltrate and dismantle our freedoms. In Islam, the left found the perfect weapon to destroy America.

Berkeley Mayor Publicly Belongs To Violent Leftist Group

Jesse Arreguin, mayor of Berkeley, California, has been revealed to be involved with a violent, far-left group known as “BAMN,” meaning “By Any Means Necessary.”

Rachel Maddow Blames TRUMP For Violent Riots In Socialist Venezuela

Rachel Maddow opened her Thursday night broadcast by blaming the violent riots in Venezuela on President Trump.

51% of French Police to vote for Le Pen

On April 21, just a few hours after the Champs Elysee terror attack took place, anti-capitalist presidential candidate Philippe Poutou, a kind of French Bernie Sanders, said on France Television channel 2: "If Police wouldn't carry guns, maybe these people wouldn't target them".

Woman in “moderate” Indonesia CANED under Sharia law for having sex before marriage

A couple was given between 23 to 25 lashes each in public, with a cane for having sex before marriage in Indonesia. The woman was robed in white, had her face covered and then made to kneel on a stage where she was punished in front of a crowd.The punishment was in accordance with the Sharia law, which forbids having sex outside of wedlock and punishes all offenders publicly.

Muslim who murdered four women at Washington state mall dead in apparent jail suicide

Arcan Cetin, the man charged with killing five people at a shopping mall in Burlington last September, was found dead in his jail cell in an apparent suicide, authorities said Monday.

Muslim Who Brought Guns To Sioux Falls Christian Conference Charged With Terrorist Threats

The man in a viral Facebook video broadcasted live outside a Christian Conference in Sioux Falls earlier in April has been charged with one count of a terrorist threat. 45-year-old Ehab Jaber's charges come from the alleged incident on April 9. In his Facebook Live video, he was seen with a number of firearms.

Another Michigan doctor and his wife charged with performing female genital mutilations on minors as young as six

We had to get out from under the boot of sharia supporter President Obama to get justice for these girls. We can attribute this to the Trump effect. This is the second FGM doctor arrest this week. Obviously these Muslim doctors skipped the part about the Hippocratic Oath. Perhaps that's because of hakimiyyah – the principle of Allah's exclusive power and right to govern, legislate, and pass judgement.

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