Sunday, April 23, 2017


In A Hypothetical Redo of 2016 Election, Trump Further Eviscerates Clinton

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Bill Nye Turns Crybaby When Global Warming Hoax Exposed by ACTUAL Scientist on CNN

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Bill O’Reilly Defiantly Returning to Broadcasting TOMORROW 

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North Korea Begins Roundup of American Citizens Ahead of Certain Conflict 
Trump Competes With White House Press Dinner, Holds Rally of His Own
President Trump’s Weekend Plans Will Leave You Brimming With Pride 
Democrat Congressman tells Little Girl that President Trump is more Dangerous than a Terrorist 
Liberal Thugs Continue the Assault on Free Speech 
Don’t Blame Fox for the O’Reilly Fiasco, Blame the Advertisers 
Protests follow Republican Promises to Cut Wasteful Science Spending 
News You Can Use for April 23, 2017 
INCREDIBLE VIDEO: Bill Maher Says Something We Actually Agree With 
Time Magazine Outs Themselves As Liberal Think-Piece After Kaepernick Praised 

Berkeley Set To See A Lot More of Milo in Coming Weeks, Free Speech Fight Continues 
Aaron Hernandez’s Suicide May Have MASSIVE Implications For His Daughter 
Obama Dreaming of a 3rd Term? 
ISIS is Trying to Bait the USA into Attacking Civilian Positions 
Georgia College tells Students Not to Talk about Jesus 
Surprise! Iran still Pursuing Nukes! 
News You Can Use for April 22, 2017 
Campus Kooks: Harvard Ready To Accept That Gender Can Change DAILY 
Classless Twerps Vandalize Fallen Officer’s Memorial in South Carolina 
Russian Military Aircraft Continue To Harass Alaska, Prompt Air Force Responses 
Two Major Liberal U.S. Cities Struck With Unusual Power Outages on Same Day 
French Election Looking to Further Global Conservative Revolution 
French Candidate for President says the Government is Doing “Nothing” to Protect the People 
Billionaire NBA Owner Gives President Trump a “C-” Grade so far 

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