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Friday Night Tango

The weather is heating up and so is tonight's Friday night music thread.

Trump Says No to Release of White House Visitors’ Log

The President Donald Trump administration will not be releasing White House visitors' logs voluntarily.

ISIS Suffering Big Losses In Afghanistan After Pentagon-Ordered Hit

ISIS is facing some big losses under President Donald Trump.

Journalist Who Reported on Muslim Torture of Gays Fears Retribution

The journalist who exposed horrific Islam-based torture of gays is now in hiding, fearing jihadists who put a target on her back.

Fascism: Facebook to Stop ‘Fake News’ Same Way as ‘Click-Bait’ via Algorithm

Those who believed it would get better under Trump were wrong.

Women Arrested In Iran For Dressing As Men In Order To Attend Soccer Game

Imagine: President Obama gave hundreds of billions to these savages. And nukes.

University student brutally slaughtered by Muslim mob over alleged blasphemy allegations

For those who comfort themselves thinking that this could never happen here, let me set you straight. It already is. Islamic supremacists and their leftwing lapdogs are chipping away at our most basic freedoms in the cause of Islam. Yesterday, I reported on a police investigation of a Quran found in a toilet at the University of Texas. "Suspects" are being sought. Suspects? These people are criminals? If it were any other book, would this be a law enforcement matter? If this were any other book, would it even be a news story?When we held a free speech event in the wake of the Charlie Hebdo Islamic massacre, we were targeted for death. A cell of jihadis tried to slaughter us in the cause of Islam. The enemedia and leftwing elites blamed us.It's the same thing as this.

Knife Jihad: British student STABBED TO DEATH by “Palestinian” Muslim, Pregnant Woman and man hurt in Islamic terror attack

There will never be peace in the Middle east until the Muslim world purges its Quranic texts and teachings of Islamic Jew hatred, creed apartheid and hate. It's just that simple. As for the "Palestinians," I am loathe to sanction the term as the Jews are the "Palestinians." Before 1948, there were Palestinians Jews living in the British Mandate of Palestine and the Muslims were killing them then too. Palestinianism is a euphemism for Islamic Jew hatred. Islam needs a civil war in the cause of humanity. I do not see that as remotely possible. Apart from a few stragglers and fantasists, there is no real movement within Islam to change it's violent and supremacist tenets. And why should they? They are winning with terror.

“When you see some anti-Jewish thing, if you dig deep and put a magnifying lens to see who’s behind it, over and over and over you find a Jew, and that’s frightening.”

For years I have warned of the dangers of the Jewish lay leadership (leftists). Leftwing Jews (Jewish Democrats) have done extraordinary harm to the Jewish people. They provide aid and comfort to the enemies of the Jewish people while viciously attacking proud Jews like myself and a handful of my colleagues who dare to stand up in defense of the Jews. The ADL, J Street, New Israeli Fund, Chuck Schumer, Obama Jews, senior elements at UJA et al

Multiple ISIS arrests across America: “Brother there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim”

[the_ad id="90513"]Lots of ISIS activity this week here in America. Two Florida men have pleaded guilty to conspiring to provide material support to the Islamic State, according to the Department of Justice.A South Carolina Muslim was charged with trying to join ISIS was willing to commit a terrorist attack in the US, court documents obtained by WCSC say.A Texas Muslim was charged with aiding ISIS.And two Chicago Muslims face up to 20 years in prison if convicted of providing material support to ISIS What's clear is just how seriously these Muslims take their Islam...

Harvard Law Professor Suggests Without Evidence Judge’s Death Was ‘Racist Islamophobic’ Murder

Noted liberal Harvard Law Professor Laurence Tribe claimed without evidence in a series of tweets Thursday that a recently deceased New York judge was the victim of a racist murder.

Another Hate Hoax: African-American Man Pretended To Be Racist Trump Supporter, Sent Threatening Letters

In the letters supposedly from McCown, Coleman wrote he was a member of the KKK, used racial slurs, and threatened to rape and cut off the recipient's head.

Noncitizen Pleads Guilty in Kansas Voter Fraud Case

Victor David Garcia Bebek, a noncitizen, pleaded guilty to three counts of voting unlawfully in 2012 and 2014 and faces up to three years of probation and a $5,000 fine.

Germany: Muslim arrested over soccer bus attack was ISIS member in Iraq

German prosecutors have issued an arrest warrant against an 26-year-old Iraqi man who was detained in connection with an attack on a bus carrying players of a top soccer team, saying on Thursday they believe he was a member of Islamic State.

Italy: Muslim truck driver flagged as jihad threat to be “deradicalized”

A Bari-area truck driver who converted to Islam and posted material praising jihad is to be "deradicalised."

Erdogan promises ‘sick Europe’ will pay for ‘humiliating & oppressing’ Turks

“They said a century ago that we were the 'sick man.' Now they are the 'sick man.' Europe is collapsing.”

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