Saturday, April 15, 2017


Cal State Fresno President: I Will Protect Professors That Want to Murder President Trump
Lou Dobbs Tonight,  News Business 4/13/17

From: Suzanne.....From: "Tom Lawson"...Thanks Jimmy, passed....
Incredible pictures! Wow...
...Nikola Tesla Nikola Tesla predicted the Internet. In 1900, he wrote an article for Century Magazine describing a "world system" of wireless communications that could... 
From: Sher Zieve       From: Dave Hollenbeck
Why You Should NEVER Throw Your Boarding Pass Away, Not Even After Your Flight. The Reason. I Had No Idea.
From: Millie Karnop.....I thought I was dreaming when I read the first post that Trump wanted to take them down or close them..whatever....he is not acting smart at all..those memorials and monuments are a lot of our history...    From:
Matt Franken
[Billings Gazette] Democrats pressure Trump to keep national monuments
From: Sher Zieve....
Black, Muslim judge, a NY court trailblazer, found dead

The first female Muslim U.S. judge – who later became the first black woman appointed to the New York Court of Appeals – was found dead
From: Sher...Another POV...From: John Rolls

By Vicki Batts |
How to cut the cord without resorting to a pricey streaming-TV bundle.....The case for a purer form of cord cutting—and against channel bundles like YouTube TV and Sling TV.
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