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Saturday Night Cinema; Shadow of a Doubt

ht's Saturday Night Cinema classic is Alfred Hitchcock's first indisputable masterpiece, Shadow of a Doubt, starring Theresa Wright and Joseph Cotton. Wright and Cotton are superb, good versus evil in small-town America. 

Muslim Marvel Cartoon Artist Hid Anti-Christian And Anti-Jewish Messages In This Week’s X-Men Comic

For years Marvel Comics has voluntarily served to advance the islamization of the culture. Eagerly pursuing the leftist/Islamic agenda, Marvel has created Muslim superheroes fighting Islamophobia etc. and depicted conservatives as their new villains.But this is a whole other level of evil.

Muslim kid mocks Swedish victims during news broadcast of car jihad

More Muslim cheering of Stockholm vehicular jihad which targeted children.

Has-Been Lindsay Lohan Poses in BURKINI in Thailand as Jihadis Stage Scores of Islamic Attacks Across Thailand, ‘Biggest Attack in Years’

LiLo hits new low, if that is even possible. How is it that Lindsey Lohan sporting a burkini (and there is nothing 'ini" about it) is more newsworthy than the scores of massive Islamic attacks on Thailand on the eve of their new Constitution being signed into law? Lohan is a pathetic creature to be sure. She is clearly desperate for funds to feed her degenerate has-been life so these Quran stunts and burkini photo ops are clearly paying her bills.

SIX JIHADIS SHOT DEAD in thwarted Islamic attack at popular tourist hotspot

Last week, London and St. Petersburg. Yesterday Stockholm, today Java. And tomorrow?Meanwhile our children in our public schools are being taught to bow to Islam.

Three More Jihadis Arrested in Stockholm Deadly Truck Attack

Police arrest three more suspects in the Stockholm truck attack after "special forces" conducted a raid a property about twelve miles from the atrocity which killed four. Swedish police on Saturday identified the suspected truck driver who killed four people in Stockholm as a 39-year-old man from Uzbekistan. Uzbekistan is a largely Muslim country "an authoritarian state with limited civil rights"The driver was "known" to intelligence services but was deemed a " 'marginal character'. This sounds strikingly similar to the description of the Westminster car jihadi was was also "known" to intelligence services but was on the "periphery." How much jihad gets you inside the margins and/or the periphery.  

Muslim attack driver ‘DELIBERATELY TARGETED YOUNG CHILDREN’ as he drove hijacked truck into crowd, bomb found in truck

Infants’ strollers were sent “flying through the air,” one Swedish broadcaster reported, as the vehicle zigzagged along the pedestrianised Queen Street shopping district and embedded itself in the window of a department store.....Police also said they had found a suspect device in the cab of the truck. London, Berlin, Ohio State, and the southern French city of Nice: all vehicular jihad attacks championed by the Islamic State.The jihadi remains unnamed, though "he had previously posted jihadist propaganda on his Facebook page." This is the MO after jihad attacks. Because Islam is peace, and the enemedia and the political elites do not want any link between the savagery and Islam, even if it is in the cause of Islam. Any connection between the two is designated hate speech and will be prosecuted. In this, the enemy has already won.

“Palestinian” rams car into Israeli soldiers, killing one and injuring another

The Israeli military said a car driven by a Palestinian deliberately rammed two Israeli soldiers, killing one and injuring the other, in Judea and Samaria on Thursday.

WATCH VIDEO: Harvard students say Trump is more dangerous than ISIS

Students consistently cite the “danger” posed by President Trump, and claim to feel “threatened” by his policies.

Poland blasts EU for migrant crisis quotas: ‘We will resist blackmail and pressure’

POLAND’S Prime Minister Beata Szydło declared she will not back down after the EU threatened the member state for failing to meet migrant quotas.

Israel: Two Muslim clerics arrested in connection to jihad stabbing attack in Jerusalem

Two clerics at the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the Temple Mount were arrested as part of an investigation into the attack in Jerusalem's Old City on Saturday

Google to display fact-checking labels to show if news is true or false

Google is to start displaying fact-checking labels in its search results to highlight news and information that has been vetted and show whether it is considered to be true or false, as part of its efforts to help combat the spread of misinformation and fake news.

Syrian Chemical Attack Doctor Tried as Jihadist in UK

Described in his Twitter profile as a “Medical doctor trained in the UK” and “Humanitarian aid worker”, Shajul Islam was a key eyewitness on the ground during the attack, offering himself for media video calls and uploading mobile phone footage of victims which was shared thousands of times.Islam, from Stratford, East London, was interviewed by a number of mainstream broadcasters, including NBC News – but none notified viewers that he had previously been tried in the UK for terrorism offences, and struck off the medical register by the General Medical Council after a confidential tribunal.

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