Sunday, April 9, 2017


Trump Administration Going All In in Syria, Ready to Unseat Assad

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TERROR ALERT: ISIS Continues War on Christianity with Multiple Church Bombings

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VIDEO: Muslim Activist in NY Condones Islam’s Oppression of Christianity

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Russia Teams Up with Iran to Make Military Threats Against United States
North Korea About to Get Rude Awakening From U.S. Navy Strike Group
Marking the 100 Year Anniversary of America’s Entrance into WWI
Democrats’ Chickens Coming Home to Roost
China tells Trump Strikes on Syria were “Necessary” because they were Killing Children
Was it Morally Wrong for a Man with an AR-15 to Kill 3 Intruders?
Media Malpractice
The Foolishness of Trump-Russia Conspiracy Theorists
News You Can Use for April 9, 2017
Trump Refuses to Rule Out Future Strikes Against Assad

Is North Korea Next On Trump’s Hit List?
Did Trump’s Syria Strike Neuter North Korea?
Liberals writing jokes for Conservatives?
Professor says “Trump must Hang,” calls for Execution of Republicans for Opposing Illegal Immigration
John McCain Takes Vicious Stab at Rand Paul, Clinging to Relevance
Former Atheist Lee Strobel in His Own Words
Irrelevant MTV Makes Desperate Attempt to Connect With Gender-Fluid Millennials
2017: “Drain the Swamp” & Restore Integrity to Climate Science
The Real American Problem is NOT Conservatives Saying “No”
Liberal Laughingstocks at Google Caught With Pants Down in Gender Pay Gap
Will Eminent Domain Complaints Taint Border Wall Construction?
News You Can Use for April 8, 2017
Conservative Pundit Tomi Lahren Preparing Lawsuit for Glenn Beck
Armed and Dangerous Suspect on The Loose, Robbed Gun Store, Sent Manifesto to Trump
7 Year Old Syrian Twitter Star Praises Trump’s Historic Action

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