Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Nazi War Criminal George Soros Funds Over 200 US Organizations - Here's the List

Watchdog Group Sues ATF to Find out why They attempted to Classify AR-15 Ammo as "Armor Piercing"
Democrats Eat Their Own: Tulsi Gabbard Attacked for not Blaming Assad for Chemical Attack
Alabama Senate OKs Church form its own Police Force
Doughnut Shop Employee Takes Down Suspected Robber With Fatal Shot
Putin: Chemical Weapons Attack "False Flag... More are Coming"

Talk of WWIII Spooks Investors - Gold Prices Spike

The Border Wall - A Government Project That Will Actually Pay for Itself
Will We Again be Trapped in a Middle East Triangle of Hate?
Detroit: Muslim who Spoke of Attacking Church and Hospital wanted to SKIN VICTIMS “LIKE SHEEP”
Tom DeWeese Fights for U.S. Private Property
Attorney General Jeff Sessions Announces Illegal Immigration Crack Down, ICE Arrests 367 in One Week!
Navy SEAL Explains Why Bin Laden Proof Of Death Photo Was Never Released: ‘His Head Split Open Like A Canoe’
Swedish Doctors Call on "White Helmets" in Syria to End Fake Rescues and Killing Civilians
Bloodied United Airlines Passenger was a Doctor Who Needed to See Patients (Video)
Shock Report: 150,000 Chinese Troops Have Massed At The North Korean Border As World Moves Closer To War

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