Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Bombshell: Another Trump Team Member Was Being Spied on by the FBI

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Cowboys Star Dez Bryant tells Black Community to Stop Blaming “White People”

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House GOP Pushes Trump Administration to Prosecute Lois Lerner and Get to the Bottom of the IRS Scandal

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AG Sessions tells the World: “The Border is NOT Open. Please Don’t Come.”
Liberal Jew Slams Democrats for Politicizing Sean Spicer’s Comments on Nazis and Chemical Weapons
Melania Trump Wins Major Legal Victory after being Libeled by the Mainstream Media
President Trump Slams Putin for Supporting “Truly Evil” Bashar Assad
Defense Secretary Mattis Lays Out the Proof of Syria’s Crimes, Comments on Russia and North Korea
Remember When: Obama and Susan Rice Lied about Syria having NO Chemical Weapons
Trump Begins to Tear Apart the EPA’s Energy Star Scam
Drug Tunnel Network Grows as Border Security Tightens
Fight or Flight?
Marvel Pulls X-Men Comic Book because Muslim Artist Included Anti-Semitic, Anti-Christian Messages

Seeking Intellectual Honesty, Consistency & Principles on Syria
News You Can Use for April 12, 2017
Notre Dame Students Turn Snowflake As Mike Pence Comes To Town
Sean Spicer Gaffe Sends Libs Into Stratosphere, Demand His Head On A Platter
North Korea Caught Doing “Walk of Shame” After Chinese Sanctions Take Effect
GERMAN TERROR: Bomb Strikes Bus Belonging to Soccer Team
BIG AGRICULTURE: Tiny, Family-Operated Newspaper Given Pulitzer for Taking on Farm Pollution
North Korea Issues Chilling New Threat to Trump, Nation on Verge of Lunacy
Guess what the Top 10 Most Popular Governors in America have in Common?
Alabama’s Republican Governor who Attacked Trump for Sexual Comments, Resigns Amid Sex Scandal
MSNBC Pundit says History will be “Rough” on Obama
Secretary of State Tillerson tells Russia that the Syria Attack is their Fault
Liberal Slams the Media for Ignoring Muslim Genocide of Christians
The Media Narrative takes a “Direct Hit”
Why Global Warming Alarmists Refuse to Base Policy On Actual Science

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