Sunday, April 30, 2017


MSM gets little support on Twitter as the whiners get SCORCHED!... [Read more]

Speaking at a rally in Harrisburg, PA, President Donald Trump assured American citizens that the Salvadoran gang known as MS-13 would be quickly removed from the country.... [Read more]

THE US is hitting so many IS targets in Iraq and Syria that it is running out of bombs – and that could affect its ability to wage war in North Korea, warns a senior US admiral.... [Read more]

This has become a trend. Protesters gather to complain about how the earth is being ruined but trash everything around them and leave garbage behind for someone else to clean up.... [Read more]

The gloves are off as President Trump moves to keep his promise to eliminate ISIS from the face of the earth.... [Read more]

Elizabeth Warren joined Bill Maher on his show ‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ on Friday night to pour more liberal scorn on Donald Trump and Republicans.... [Read more]

A CBS News reporter is dismayed that the Trump administration is arresting illegal aliens who commit “minor” traffic offenses such as drunk driving. Drunk driving kills about 10,000 people... [Read more]

Controversial law enforcement officer Sheriff David Clarke, who is known as a strong conservative and avid Trump supporter is reportedly being eyed by the White House for a job... [Read more]

Journalists from Campus Reform asked students what they thought of Trump’s first 100 days. Instead of describing what Trump has done, they ... [Read more]

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