Sunday, April 30, 2017


Trump PA Rally OBLITERATES Mainstream Media’s White House Night 

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U.S. Hammering ISIS So Hard That We’re Running Out Of Bombs For North Korea? 

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American Nazis and Kentuckians Clash Over The Weekend in Pikeville 

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EPA Website Gets Major Overhaul, Yanks Climate Change Hoax Info 
The Circus Comes to North Dakota: Creepy Clown and Snake Handler Frighten Children 
North Korea Lashing Out At YET ANOTHER U.S. Ally…This One’s A Doozy 
French Presidential Candidate Goes Full Globalist, Suggests Sanctions Over Refugees 
Arab-Israeli Peace Summit Sullied by Islamic Intransigence 
Who Is Protecting Your Information On The Internet? 
New Report says China has Warned North Korea to Stop Testing Nukes 
How America’s Black Population was Duped into Embracing Political Slavery 
Israel is the Only Reason Syria Doesn’t have Nukes 
News You Can Use for April 30, 2017 

More Democratic Meddling On The Way For Trump Pennsylvania Rally 
German Chancellor Threatens Britain Over Brexit, Pushes Globalism 
Coulter Defiantly Speaks in California, Blows GOP Crowd Away 
Michelle Obama’s Abysmal School Lunches Going The Way of The Dodo 
Trump Delivers Powerful Address to the NRA 
President Trump to Overturn Obama’s so-called “Permanent” Arctic Drilling Ban 
Use this Fact to Make Liberal College Protesters Freak Out 
An Exclusive Look at the Democrats Strategy for Winning in 2020 
News You Can Use for April 29, 2017 
Is Fox News About To Be Challenged By A New Conservative Network? 
Hilton Hotel Chain Makes YUGE Move After Trump Effect Hits 
Deja Vu: Yet Another North Korean Missile Test Fails Miserably 
Trump Set To Expand Offshore Drilling, Lessen Dependence on Foreign Resources 
Trump’s Speech to NRA Makes No Mistake on The President’s 2nd Amendment Support 
Free Speech on Campus Gets Boost from Wisconsin Republicans 

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