Wednesday, April 19, 2017


More than ever, Americans are united in their belief that, as a sovereign nation, our borders must be secure from invasion of illegal aliens from around the world, including those from “special interest” countries with ties to terrorist regimes. [Sign Petition Here]

President Trump might pull the United States out of Iran nuclear deal over the rogue regime’s support for terrorism, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson told Congress. [Read more]

Crooked Hillary Clinton did not even trust her closest advisers. [Read more]

Some conservatives say it’s time to begin attacking Sen. Elizabeth Warren, hoping to dent the liberal icon’s political ascent as she begins a book tour widely seen as a testing ground for a 2020 presidential bid. [Read more]

Trump will fix our infrastructure! Repairing roads, updating our airports and hospitals so that we are competitive at a global level. Sign this petition if you support Trump making America’s infrastructure great again! [Sign Petition Here]

Smuggling cartels are now a major threat to the fabric of American society, Homeland Security Secretary John F. Kelly declared Tuesday, saying... [Read more]

Thankfully, we all know that nobody over at the Internal Revenue Service would ever dream of doing something improper to harm or violate conservatives’ rights — then lie about it — so there’s nothing to worry about, right?  [Read more]

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